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DJI FPV Goggles V2 price leak, more images, and dates

Earlier today, we got another look at DJI’s FPV drone controller, a listing for the new FPV goggles with dates and a price tag, and another image of the drone itself. All the leaks suggest that stores are getting ready to start selling units of the new FPV products from DJI.

UPDATE: The DJI FPV Goggles V2 have hit the DJI online store. You can learn more about them here.

Display unit

Looking at the image from OsitaLV on Twitter, we can see the words “display demo” have been printed on the controller. This means the controller is likely a “dumb” version of the actual controller on display in stores.

Now that we have a close-up view of the controller, we can see it has a custom button, power button, indicator LEDs, a place to tie a strap to, and holes on the inner side of the bottom for the sticks. The screw holes the sticks go into look to be bare metal. This will likely be changed to black to match or left if the sticks cover it completely.

On either side of the controller, there is a list of what’s included in the box. This looks to be just if you were to buy the goggles and controller together, without the drone. In the box, you get the top shell for the goggles, antennae, a headband, cables, manuals, an adapter of some sort, and a battery.

DJI FPV controller

FJI FPV Goggles V2

In the replies to Osita’s tweet, another user posted what looks to be an image of the second version of the DJI FPV goggles, important dates around it, and the ballpark price. The image appears to be from Fat Boy FPV. The listing for the new goggles suggests that the price will be around $549, which is $20 more than the current FPV goggles. The description says the goggles might cost more.

The listing’s description says that pre-orders will begin on January 8, with stock levels updated on January 15 for those who cannot secure pre-order stock, but it looks like you can do so right now. The way that the description is written makes it sound like the FPV goggles will be released between these two dates. The controller will also likely be released at the same time.

DJI FPV drone

Looking at the FPV drone itself, we have a new image of it with a lens protector similar to the ones we have seen on other DJI drones. The protector is likely only for storing and transporting the drone, as it blocks the gimbal from moving.

Regarding the above-mentioned dates, there is a good chance the drone will be released alongside the goggles and controller. A previous tweet from Osita suggests the drone might come out in February, around the Chinese New Year. Neither of these dates have been confirmed. DJI might be releasing the drone later to allow for slower shipping and manufacturing.

Photo: OsitaLV & Fat Boy FPV



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