Drone show lights up Scottish sky for Hogmanay

Scotland marked the end of 2020 with a special drone show in three parts. Really, it’s more like an art installation in some ways. And it’s definitely worth taking in.

Scottish drone light show

The popularity of drone light shows continues to rise, and that’s understandable. Drones don’t produce the noise and pollution associated with pyrotechnic displays. What’s more, you can do things with drones that you simply couldn’t imagine doing with conventional fireworks. An infinite number of options for choreography exist with drones. You can, literally, program them to do almost anything.

And that’s what they did in Scotland.


In Scotland, Hogmanay refers to celebrations marking the end of the year. In fact, the final day of the year is a special day, and this year it was marked with a three-part installment of drone lights. The first part of that installment reflects on the year Scotland (and the rest of us) have just been through:

So long, 2020. Happy to put you in the rearview mirror

Social distancing

There couldn’t be large gatherings in Edinburgh, so Underbelly Ltd. put together the drone show. There’s something evocative about this; the lights in isolation. Here’s part II:


It’s not a record

It seems, at least in China, that these shows are all about setting records: The most drone, the longest shows, etc. The Scottish drone light show won’t set any records. But there is something very poetic about what they’ve done.

There’s something kind of magical about this drone show…

Some background

Curious about who’s behind this show, and why they did it? Glad you asked. Here’s the answer, with a backgrounder video showing “behind the scenes.”

Great to hear the backstory…

Happy New Year

We hope you enjoyed that little romp in Scotland.

More than that, we wish you and yours a Happy New Year – and truly hope that 2021 brings you health and happiness. Onward.