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Three amazing FPV videos showcase drone piloting skills

You know us. We like nothing more than discovering cool videos that show off piloting skills. Pretty much all of these videos involve the agility that can only come from an FPV drone – and the ability that only comes with top-flight pilots. We’ve just found three more examples from a single team.

We featured the work of FPV Filmz once before. We happened across 22 seconds of epic footage, where FPV Filmz had followed B.A.S.E. jumpers with their FPV drones. The effect was amazing, as the pilots let gravity do the work. At the time, we reached out to Nikolay Anishchenko to ask him about the challenges of this kind of shoot and his personal FPV history. Would you believe that he didn’t start FPV until mid-February of 2020? That’s astonishing and a testament to how much you can learn by diving into a simulator.

Now, three more FPV Filmz videos have hit our radar.

Great FPV piloting skills

Air-to-air videos always pose a challenge: You need to get close enough to the object in flight for it to dominate the shot – but not so close that your drone could pose any threat to the safe flight of the other vehicle. Obviously this applies more to manned aviation, but no one wants to knock another drone out of the sky, either.

This footage, and flying, really hit the mark.

Those shots from underneath? Wow…

Soaring with a paramotor

This piloting is, in our view, even trickier. As a drone pilot, you’d want to always stay well clear of those lines – and obviously not do anything else that could potentially interfere with the safety of the pilot. Here, the FPV Filmz duo manage to strike that balance: Close enough, yet far enough. Just watch:

And the paramoter pilot? That level of skill makes my head spin both literally and figuratively.

Back to the future

Remember the top of the story? How it was those 22 seconds of footage that made us aware of FPV Filmz in the first place? Well, that video was just a teaser.

Here’s the real thing, just posted:

Great flying, great shooting, great editing

The whole enchilada

There’s a lot of talent in this FPV Filmz team. These videos showcase great flying, great video captures, great edits — and even great music choices. We look forward to seeing what Carter and Nikolay get up to next!