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VSDC Video Editor: Can free video editing software be any good? Yes, it can…

The internet’s an amazing place. Just around the corner from that latest cat video are some gems just waiting to be discovered. We particularly like it when we come across useful pieces of software that some kind soul has posted for the good of us all — and without a price tag. That’s where we’re headed today, so come along.

When it comes to free software, you’re relying on continuous support and upgrades, courtesy of a network of volunteers who believe in the product. Finds like that are truly a score, and we like to share news of them when we can. So it’s in that spirit that this post will alert some of you to a great piece of video software made with drone users in mind. Enter: VSDC Video Editor.


You’ve probably heard of Final Cut Pro X, usually just known as FCPX. Also Avid, along with Adobe Premiere Pro. They’re among the most popular pieces of video editing software out there. But these professional programs are not free. FCPX, for example, costs $299. And Premiere Pro costs roughly twice that annually when you add up the monthly fees. And that makes free editing software all the more desirable for some of us.

The free VSDC video editor software, as you’ll see, is capable of doing nearly all the things most paid software can carry out, and it’s all designed to be a great experience for drone users. But it’s also a full-fledged video editor for just about any project, and has a quite impressive feature set and UI for a free product. Take a look:


VSDC includes all of the usual editing tools that you’ll find in it’s expensive counterparts. That includes easy-to-use editing tools to cut and rearrange video clips on a non-linear timeline, the ability to merge video files, visual and audio effects, filtration and image/color correction, audio tracks/editing, and much more. And the free version doesn’t limit you with any restrictions or watermarks!

Look at that interface! No short of features…

VSDC works well with high-quality footage including 4K and 120fps videos. It also allows to export videos using the HEVC codec that helps maintain high quality with minimum file size.

VSDC offers quick and easy ways to achieve a cinematic look for non-techies (with color presets like LUTs for example) and advanced tools for color correction geeks – such as RGB and H&S curves. A multi-color Chroma Key and advanced parameters settings for color correction and more offer everything you need for advanced editing to get a professional looking edit too. When you’re ready to export, all popular video and audio formats are supported.

Pretty slick: The VSDC video editing interface…

According to the website, VSDC has more than 5 million happy people using its product. In addition to editing video, recording voiceovers — or even capturing your desktop — the software has some very specific features that seem to check all the right boxes with users. (Some of these features are limited to the pro version, but we’ll get to that.)

  • Support for all popular video/audio formats
  • Chroma Key for doing cool green screen productions
  • Transitions and video effects galore
  • Color correction, zoom — even 360° video editing
  • Low bar for system requirements — even older PCs can run this software (sorry, no Macs)
  • Convenient export profiles to save time when crunching videos for various devices

Pro Version

The free version will keep you busy and be more than sufficient for most tasks. But VSDC also offers some a pro version that includes features that are key for those doing pro edits with drone footage, such as motion tracking, masking, and hardware acceleration. Here’s a closer look at what’s included:

How much?

Given the feature set, you’re probably bracing yourself for a high price for the “Pro” version. Well, you can relax. It’s $19.99.

You can buy the Pro version here. And you can download the free version here.

Happy cutting!