SkyPixel, DJI call for entries for its aerial photo and video contest

Drone giant DJI and its social platform SkyPixel have opened its sixth annual aerial photo and video contest for people worldwide. The content gives you the chance to win some cool prizes, including cash and some of DJI’s latest products.

This year’s prize draw totals a whopping $83,000 and includes five new categories to allow even more people to share what they are capable of doing.

Important info

To make sure work is suitable for the competition, it must be captured using a drone, with each image being at least 3MB and have a resolution of 300 dpi+.

Entries for the contest opened on December 18 and closes on February 18 at 2 p.m. CST (3 p.m. EST). Winners will be announced on March 18. The judges consist of the following award-winning filmmakers, photographers, videographers, Nathan McBride, Toby Strong, Chris Schmid, and Roie Galitz.


DJI has expanded the contest’s entry categories to allow even more creators to get in the running for some money and cool prizes. The new categories are Vlog, FPV, Showreel, Hometown, and Environment. Take a look at the list below to see what you have to do to fit into a category.

Video categories

  • Vlog: Create a video of yourself that captures special moments in your daily life
  • FPV: Capture an immersive experience and feeling of freedom that brings people closer to the action and excitement
  • Sport: Capture moments in movement, and the power and energy of humans engaged in sports
  • Travel: Share a story about humanity, culture, or an unforgettable adventure (people must be included in the video)
  • Hometown: Create a video to share a story and what’s special about your hometown
  • Showreel: Shoot a short video showcasing all the memorable moments of your 2020
    NOTE: All videos must not exceed five minutes in length. The entry must contain at least 30 seconds of aerial footage, except for the Vlog category. Vlog category entries do not need to contain aerial shots, but the equipment must be marked. 

Photo categories

  • Portrait: Capture a person’s expression, action, or life’s passion in the vast beauty of their surroundings
  • Nature: Capture a moment in time to reveal the true beauty of nature
  • Architecture: Discover amazing structures from a new perspective
  • Sport: Capture the energy and excitement of an athlete pursuing their dreams
  • Environment:  Highlight an environmental issue you care about


If you are lucky enough to be chosen as a winner in one of the 11 categories, you will receive a cash prize of $7,500. People will also get the chance to win some cool products from DJI, including the Mavic 2, Mavic Air 2, RS 2, and Pocket 2.

DJI also wants those that don’t win to get a little something for entering their images or videos. Once you’ve entered your first entry into the competition, you will receive a 20% discount to use at DJI’s online store.

Photo: Tkonmly, B017, and Panvelvet



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