GoPro’s new camera remote with Hero 9 support is out now

GoPro’s latest product is here, The Remote, an improved version of its action camera remote it released back in 2013. The new remote adds a new display and button layout and now supports the Hero 9, Hero 8 Black, and MAX.

The new remote is a welcome addition for those that have purchased the Hero 9 as the camera doesn’t work with the Smart Remote predecessor still sold by the company. That means you have to use the app to control the Hero 9 remotely.

Taking a look at the new remote, the first thing you notice is the elegant facelift. The front of the remote has been simplified, removing the GoPro branding and the mode and settings button. Now, it just has a large display, a larger raised record button, and a record light.

Taking a look at the side of the remote, we can see the mode and settings buttons have been moved. The update looks to mostly be for ease of use and supporting the Hero 9. The important stuff, display and record button, have been made larger, allowing your camera to be easily controlled even with big gloves.

The Remote can control up to five cameras at once from up to 196 feet away. GoPro has also said the inclusion of Bluetooth low energy will increase the battery life of the GoPro and remote as well as making it easier to pair compared to the older Smart Remote.

While we can’t see the charging setup on the new camera, GoPro says it comes with a USB-C cable, likely suggesting it has gone for a standard USB-C plug rather than the proprietary one used in the previous remote. It also comes with a wriststrap and can mount to grips, handlebars, and other gear.

The Remote from GoPro is currently only available in North America and will set you back $79.99, the same price as the previous generation. It is expected that the remote will be available worldwide in the new year. The reason for this hasn’t been given, but the pandemic could be resulting in fewer units being produced.

Photo: GoPro



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