DJI’s FPV drone combo to be $1500, according to post

Two days after DJI was placed on the Department of Commerce’s Entity List – a move that could disrupt aspects of the company’s supply chain – a leak has surfaced allegedly revealing the price and some specifications of the new DJI FPV drone.

A Facebook post is causing quite a stir. It reveals the alleged price of the DJI FPV drone combination package, expected to be released early in 2021. We messaged the person who made the post to request further details on where the information came from. For the moment, however, we thought we’d pass it along with the proviso that we can’t say this information is correct, only that it’s out there.

So, let’s take a look at the post.

Post reveals pricing, specifications

Everyone, as you know, is hungry for details. And now, in the Official DJI Owners Group on Facebook, there are more:

Lots of interest in this post!

The post comes from a user named Güçlü Atamer, who is listed as a “Rising Star” in the community. Let’s look at the main points:

  1. A suggested price of $1500 US. This is within the $200 range we suggested earlier for a retail price, so we figure this could well be a solid figure
  2. 4K, 60fps video: Yes, and we’d expect this on a drone that will function more as a stable, cinematic FPV rather than a competitive drone racer
  3. 21 minutes flight time with a 6S, 2000 mAh battery. The Mini 2 flies for 31 minutes with a 2250 mAh battery – so this also feels about right
  4. GPS return-to-home. Yes, we’ve written previously that this would be a feature.
  5. HD low-latency image transfer is a given
  6. 150km/hour top speed? Faster than we thought, but certainly possible
DJI FPV drone leaked
Will this combo be $1500? We think that’s about right…

The fast and the curious

Not surprisingly, that post stirred up a lot of comments very quickly on FaceBook. Some are thrilled the drone is coming and some are predictably giving it the stink eye:

Not everyone is excited…
Camera drone? Racing drone? Both?

And the comment we like the most?

It’s from user Ben Drone, who writes: “I’m here just to read comments and wait for the actual release to see you who got it right. 😏

Ahhh, Ben. Very smart.

Why we think this might be legit

There are a couple of reasons why we believe there might be something to this post.

  1. We’re getting close to the release date, which most believe will be sometime early in 2021. The closer you get, the more leaks appear. Will the release date be January 8? Well, that seems a little early to us, putting the drone out there just before the massive Consumer Electronics Show gets underway. On the other hand, virtual conventions don’t get the buzz a real-world release does, so we can picture DJI taking control of the situation by launching earlier
  2. The pricing and specs make sense, and align with earlier speculation from us and elsewhere

The original source?

The person who posted this, Güçlü Atamer, got back to us while we were in the process of writing this. The original story, which doesn’t appear to have been shared until now, was originally posted December 12 here.