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Unifly joins forces with Pen Aviation for improved drone services

Unifly has partnered with Pen Aviation to give its customers an improved suite of drone services for its clients. Moving forward, Pen Aviation will begin distributing Unifly’s software platform and packaging it into products and services.

Pen Aviation has a strong presence in the Southeast Asian market, with customers in the oil and gas, logistics, transportations, surveying, and inspection industries.

Pen will now offer customers a fully integrated, certifiable, highly customizable, and efficient ecosystem that will allow them to kickstart their commercial drone operations.

CEO of Unifly, Leon van de Pas said:

It starts with a common vision and chemistry between both teams. Our unmanned technology solutions complement the business services offered by Pen Aviation and together with our customers and partners we will further shape the future of autonomous aviation.

In return, Unifly will have access to Pen Aviation’s strategic expertise to create solid revenue-generating streams as well as complex financial modeling for customers looking to raise funds.

Jean-Bernard Boura, GM and Founder of Pen Aviation added:

We decided to go into UAV because we feel it is definitely the future of aviation. We needed a partner capable to deliver safe and certifiable solutions for a worldwide market. Unlike Unifly, many UAV OEMs do not have an aviation background and do not understand the importance of safety and regulatory compliance.

Pen Aviation was founded in 2016 in Malaysia, wanting to create a one-stop solution provider for the Southeast Asian aviation market. Since then, Pen has worked with civilian and government clients by focusing on consultancy, project management, aircraft sales and acquisition, charter services, and drones, to name a few.

Unifly began in 2015 by a team of pilots, air traffic controllers, and aerospace engineers wanting to create a safer and smarter solution for the increasing amount of drone traffic entering the skies. Since 2015, the company has won several awards and continues to attract customers and partnerships like Pen Aviation.

Photo: Pen Aviation



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