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SimActive integrates its Correlator3D system into LiDAR drones

Photogrammetry software developer SimActive has integrated its Correlator3D product into LiDAR systems for LiDAR USA’s drones. The integration will allow for accurate LiDAR scans by linking images to the scan data.

Correlator3D software is a high-end photogrammetry suite that allows data to be collected from drones, aircraft, and satellites. The data collected can create point cloud maps, mosaics, 3D models, and aerial triangulation, to name a few.

As the system works best on high-end computers, it can collect and create with the collected data in a fraction of the time compared to other solutions on the market. For example, a digital terrain model takes just half a second to be created with Correlator3D. It can also be run on cloud services, speeding the processing time up even more.

Jeff Fagerman, CEO at LiDAR USA said:

The ability to directly use LiDAR as a control for adjusting image positions really is a unique feature. Correlator3D allows our clients to quickly combine LiDAR with data from multi-camera systems and produce high-quality outputs.

LiDAR USA creates LiDAR solutions for drones, ground vehicles, and handheld use. The Revolution HD, designed for drones, can scan over 200 points per square meter and cover more than 60 acres in a single flight. The whole system easily mounts the bottom of a drone and only weighs 2.5 kilograms.

The system can be used alongside an RGB sensor, multispectral sensor, hyperspectral sensor, or thermal sensor to create colorized 3D point clouds that allow for more data to be collected in one flight. The whole system can also be adapted to work on a ground vehicle and a backpack, allowing you to get more out of the system.

LiDAR USA is a company founded back in 1999 alongside its sister company Fagerman Technologies. The company is still headed up by Jeff Fagerman, with his wife Nancy Fagerman managing the finances, and his son Daniel Fagerman heading up the technology side of things. Both Jeff and Daniel went to Purdue University with Master’s degrees from the School of Civil Engineering.

Photo: SimActive



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