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DJI could be working on a RoboMaster fixed-wing RC plane

New images of what looks to be a RoboMaster branded RC plane have appeared online, suggesting DJI is expanding its educational robots. The new patent images look to be the tail section of an airplane, meaning it could also be modular.

So far, the RoboMaster line from DJI has consisted of the S1 and EP Core ground-based robots, with the Ryze Tello also being used in competitions once in a while.

The new images shown off by OsitaLV could mean that DJI focuses more on the educational line of robots by introducing a new flying robot. From the images, we can see the RoboMaster logo in the middle of the fuselage. Looking toward the rear, we begin to see small wings and a rudder.

We can see the wings and a rudder are controlled with servo motors, presumably the same ones used by the robotic arm on the EP Core. On the side of the fuselage, we can see six holes. These somewhat look like mounting points that could be used for accessories or sensors.

Other than that, we can’t see much. Since it appears to be a modular design, it could mean that different or custom controllers could be added to it. You might be able to use the one that DJI includes in the box or go with a custom setup. With this, you might even be able to use DJI’s FPV system with the drone if you plan on doing a bit more than tinkering with it.

Upon checking the usual spot for patents, we did see many new ones that DJI has added recently, but none of the images have been added just yet. We will continue to keep an eye out to see if they relate to this or another upcoming DJI product.

DroneDJ’s take

We think it would be great for DJI to expand its offerings in the educational STEAM learning areas since the first Phantom DJI has basically owned the consumer, prosumer, and commercial market when it comes to drones, and more recently, gimbals and other accessories.

While DJI has done things within the educational space, I think it finally wants to do more now that it controls the other major areas, focusing on STEAM can become more of a priority.

Many schools worldwide are beginning to integrate robotics and I think DJI wants to integrate its solutions into classrooms at an early stage. This would also allow people to become familiar with the brand and then continue to purchase the products in the future.

Would you be excited for DJI to release a fixed-wing RC plane? Or would you rather build your own? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below.

Photo: OsitaLV



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