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Stunt school video from France demonstrates amazing FPV drone shooting

You are in for something special. Actually, scratch that. This stunt school video, which involves a lot of drone shooting, is spectacular.

Ever hear of the Campus Univers Cascades? If not, you’re about to. It’s the largest stunt school in the world. Located a couple of hours outside Paris, the Campus has everything you’d expect at a stunt school, including areas to work out, giant airbags for jumping off buildings, a modular Parkour Park, and much more. But how do you show off your facilities and the skill of your students? Why with a video, of course. And how do you make that video even better?

By using drones.

Stunt school video

We just discovered a new video posted by Campus Univers Cascades. And, as they say in French, it’s encroyable, or incredible. How incredible? Watch this:
This is quite a day at the office…

FPV drone plays key role

Not sure what they were flying, except that it was an FPV drone. Some of that work in tight quarters is amazing, especially when you combine it with all of the choreography. We really haven’t seen a video quite like this before.

Interested in becoming a stunt person (and, presumably, learning some French, drinking wine, and enjoying baguettes with cheese)? Here’s what the Campus has to say:

The Campus is located on an exceptional site 2 hours from Paris! Based in the Hauts de France region, in Cateau-Cambresis (59), the Campus has an area of ​​5 hectares with an accommodation and catering center with a capacity of 90 students.The Campus benefits from a specialized training site with quality infrastructures and cutting-edge equipment in the field of physical stunts. 

CUC Website

Training for stunts – and FPV

If you do happen to sign up, we’ll expect to (briefly) see you in a similar video perhaps next year. And, if you’re an awesome FPV pilot, perhaps you can put your skills to use flying the camera. It seems more appealing — and considerably safer — than jumping off a roof.