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Drone giant DJI opens its latest store in Lyon, France

Drone giant DJI has opened its latest shop in Lyon, France, making it the second official DJI store in the country. The store opened its doors on December 3rd and is located in the center of the town, exposing more people to DJI’s great product portfolio.

The store is located at 4 rue du Président Carnot, right in the center of town and a short walk from the Cordeliers station on Metro Line A.

The store was set to open back in November but was likely delayed due to the pandemic. Like the store in Paris, this one is also operated by Studiosport, which is a specialist drone and FPV drone store in France.

The team running the store said the following on the COVID rules currently in place in France:

In order to respect the sanitary measures in force, we invite you to wait in front of the store if all our advisers are busy. We will come and pick you up when you are free.

In the images, we can see the products on display on wooden benches, another empty bench with chairs, likely to allow staff to help customers with their new drone or any problems they might be having, lots of space to walk around, and a flight room! If open to the public, the flight room will allow people to learn the basic controls of a drone before flying it and get a feel for the drone they just bought.

It’s great to see DJI is still opening up stores during such a hard time for everyone. It shows that even with basically everything shutting down at some point, DJI is still focused on creating a great experience for its customers and helping them any way they can.

Take a look at the awesome images below of the brand new store. DJI’s decision to follow Apple’s clean aesthetic certainly makes the store look great, and the products stand out even more.

Photo: Helico Micro



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