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AirHub launches SORA risk assessment tool for drone pilots

Software company AirHub has launched the first online Specific Operations Risk Analysis (SORA) tool for drone pilots during Amsterdam Drone Week. The new digital tool allows drone pilots to easily make their way through performing a risk assessment for operations.

The SORA tool allows pilots flying in a specific category to apply for a permit or waiver with the country’s civil aviation authority. The tool quickly determines the ground risk class and the air risk class of any proposed flight and gives them a specific assurance and integrity level.

AirHub has said the following on what brought it to create an online SORA tool for drone pilots:

Performing a SORA can be a time-consuming effort, however, and at AirHub, we noticed that operators and CAA’s were struggling with this. Also, we noticed that, once they had gone through the SORA process, it did not provide them with a clear overview of the requirements they had to fulfill to perform the intended drone operation. That is why we have developed the smart online SORA Tool.

The tool is available right now from this link and gives pilots an overview of each drone operation added to the platform. SORA is an easy to use dashboard-style interface that will allow pilots from all corners of the world to improve efficiency without compromising safety.

The Online SORA Tool lets drone operators quickly go through all steps of the SORA process:

  1. Description of the Concept of Operations (ConOps)
  2. Determination of the UAS intrinsic Ground Risk Class (GRC)
  3. Final Ground Risk Class determination (M1 to M3 mitigations)
  4. Determination of the initial Air Risk Class (ARC)
  5. Application of Strategic Mitigations to determine the intermediate ARC
  6. Application of Tactical Mitigations to determine the final ARC
  7. Determination of Adjacent Area / Airspace considerations
  8. Comprehensive Safety Portfolio considerations (privacy, security, insurance, etc.)
  9. Determination of Specific Assurance and Integrity Levels (SAIL)
  10. Identification of Operational Safety Objectives (OSO) and other requirements


AirHub develops software and mobile apps for drones and carries out consultancy work for organizations in the world of drones. AirHub also provides training and support to get companies new in the drone world to get in-house pilots trained and ready to fly.

Photo: AirHub



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