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Flirtey partners with Vault Health to deliver COVID-19 test kits

Drone delivery company Flirtey has partnered with Vault Health to deliver COVID-19 test kits to residents in Reno, Nevada. The medical drone delivery test has been given the go-ahead from the FAA and will be delivering the first FDA authorized COVID saliva test.

As COVID continues to spread across the country, there is an even greater need for tests taken from home. So far, there have been over 250,000 deaths and 11,000,000 cases in the U.S. alone.

Vault Health has created COVID-19 saliva tests that can be taken from a home under a healthcare professional’s supervision over a video call. The test can be purchased from the company’s website and provides you with an answer within 48 to 72 hours for $119.

Flirtey Founder and CEO Matthew Sweeny said:

“Our mission is to save lives and improve lifestyles by making delivery instant for everyone. Partnering with Vault Health for Flirtey drone delivery of COVID-19 test kits is another huge step toward our mission. Drone delivery of COVID-19 test kits is faster than traditional mail, enabling faster results for the customer and reducing the time where a person may have the potential to spread COVID-19 by 24-48 hours.”

Flirtey has added Vault Health’s COVID test to its existing drone delivery tests in Reno, Nevada. Through the partnership, test kits will be sent to distribution centers based on demand, where a drone will then deliver it to a person once ordered.

The drones will allow a reeducation in human contact and prevent the possible spread of COVID further. The drones are also able to deliver the tests at a much faster rate than traditional methods, allowing more people to get tested in the same amount of time.

Jason Feldman, Founder, and CEO of Vault Health followed with:

“We feel an obligation as a team to help expand COVID-19 testing across America with continued innovation. Our shipping and result turnaround time is already fast, but working with Flirtey to make on-demand drone delivery of COVID-19 saliva test kits available will make it faster than ever. We will help everyone worrying about their infection status to find their answer,.”

Photo: Flirtey



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