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The Buzz: Andy Shen of Shen Drones

On this edition of our podcast, we have a great conversation with Andy Shen of Shen Drones. Andy is kind of the Godfather of the ducted CineWhoop. Tune in — and subscribe — as we hear how Andy went from being a photographer… to a drone designer.

Andy Shen: Great drones, great conversation

Andy tells a great story about the satisfaction – and challenges – of designing and selling FPV drones. We’re particularly interested in how Andy developed a very specific ducted design, now used on many copycat drones. But there’s only one Squirt. Andy is the fifth guest on our relatively new podcast, called The Buzz. We’ve been fortunate to have a number of high-level movers and shakers from the drone industry on the show, and encourage you to explore the links below. Of course, the easiest way to keep up on what’s happening is to subscribe to our podcast. We include the links to all the popular podcast providers, so give it a click!

And yes, if you’re not yet ready to commit you can have a listen to any of the podcasts below simply by clicking. First, though, a look at Andy Shen in the wild, piloting a Shen drone while riding an electric skateboard:

The legendary Andy Shen…

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