Counter drone company D-Fend Solutions opens North American office

Counter drone company D-Fend Solutions has opened its first North American office in McLean, Virginia, to expand its operations and meet the increasing demand for counter-drone products and solutions.

D-Fend Solutions has opened up shop in North America. This announcement follows D-Fend Solutions’ strategic focus on North America, its continued growth in the region during 2020, and the strong adoption of its flagship product, EnforceAir.

Industry expert and former U.S. military veteran Terry DiVittorio will be heading up the North American business side of things and will help attract more customers to the company.

DiVittorio was formerly a career non-commissioned officer in the U.S. Air Force, the director and portfolio manager of national security accounts for both a large system integrator and top-tier consulting firm, and president at a cyber-intelligence technology company.

DiVittorio, General Manager of North American business, D-Fend Solutions followed with:

D-Fend Solutions has established a strong foothold in North America. We have secured new contracts with tier one United States government (USG) agencies, deployed additional systems at multiple existing customer sites, and established new partnerships with large system integrators and specialized technology enablement companies. Our North American growth plan for the coming year is ambitious.

D-Fend Solutions also has a team in Canada working under DiVittorio’s guidance to support current and future Canadian customers. The North American team has now been fully staffed and is already working to support current customers and onboard new ones.

Zohar Halachmi, Chairman and CEO of D-Fend Solutions said:

North America is an important component of our global growth plan, and I am pleased with the quick progress we have achieved in the region. Appointing a talented and experienced leader like Terry to lead our North American business is already paying big dividends, and it will help increase our overall business growth over the next year.

Counter-drone technology

With the increasing use of drones, counter-drone technology has become more important and a must for places like airports and army bases to implement. There are various ways companies are approaching anti-drone technology, with some using handheld ‘guns,’ which force the drone to use its return-to-home function, while others force the drone to land on the spot.

In some cases, the drone is destroyed by the system. A low-tech solution has also been in use, which consists of another drone equipped with a net shooting the rogue drone causing it to become tangled.

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