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AlarisPro adds FAA reporting, data collection for drone pilots

The AlarisPro platform has received a few new features to support FAA reporting and data collection to make life easier for drone pilots and drone fleet management. The update puts the AlarisPro ahead of the FAA’s requirements for drone platforms.

The AlarisPro platform combines advanced monitoring with predictive analytics to keep flights safe while reducing maintenance costs and improving drone pilots’ and manufacturers’ efficiency.

The platform has differentiated itself from other offerings by flying the extra mile to ensure your drone fleet is maintained and up to code to fly. AlarisPro provides a 360 view on how an organization’s fleet and its pilots are deployed, the active and planned missions, the operator and fleet readiness, and any systems that have upcoming maintenance and reliability checks.

Anthony Pucciarella, president of AlarisPro said:

“The dynamics and reporting requirements of unmanned flight are rapidly evolving. Many organizations, focused on infrastructure inspection and cargo delivery, are planning to fly longer, more complex autonomous flights – which require regulator approval. These new features allow our clients to easily apply for BVLOS waivers and other expanded operational approvals.”

New advanced features include:

  • Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Requirements Tracking: AlarisPro clients can now capture and export the BVLOS data required by the FAA and other regulators.
  • Enhanced Issues Reporting: AlarisPro operators can log flight issues using a drop-down window with pre-defined categories. Flight issue categories include environmental/weather, ground control systems, pilots and personnel, and others. The addition of these categories reduces the time required to create regulator reports, especially for organizations seeking approval for BVLOS waivers.
  • Nighttime Flight Tracking: AlarisPro automatically tracks nighttime flight hours separately.

The update comes after a substantial update was released in September, adding user interface improvements, a mobile app with mapping, project management, tier 2 reporting, and automated maintenance reminders.

Photo: AlarisPro



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