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FPV newbie? Check out these all-in-one kits

I’ll say this because I know it: Starting out in FPV isn’t the easiest thing in the world — especially if you have stick time with a really stable platform like the DJI products. Those drones almost fly themselves and don’t require constant input to maintain flight. FPV, therefore, comes with a very steep learning curve. But how best to get started?

Well, the best place to start is obviously at the beginning. But what beginning? Do you go buy or build a pricey FPV drone only to crash the thing (because trust me on this one, you will crash)? Do you spend all of your time on a simulator and then go crash something in real-life? Or is there a better way? Certainly, some people think there is – and some manufacturers have put together all-in-one kits to get you started inside your own home. In fact, we wrote about a kit sold by BetaFPV that a lot of people like.

Now a new kit — we should actually say kits — have come to our attention. And they’re worth looking at.


Some people know Rotorgeeks as the original online store for FPV supplies. Owner David Klein (who truly is a rotor geek) has been at this since the very beginning. Although he has a brick and mortar shop in Toronto, Canada, his online store has customers from around the world. From the smallest widget to the best battery chargers, Klein’s Rotorgeeks will have it. (I’ve been in David’s store on multiple occasions, and it never ceases to amaze me just how much he has in stock, ready to ship.)

In fact, David is where I went when I first wanted to dip my toes in the FPV waters a few years back. He recommended a great kit, now updated, that helped me get flying in the house. The brushless drone was small but responsive, the goggles were inexpensive but good, and the radio is still with me. It’s still a great kit.

Customer service

David Klein loves building and flying FPV, and he seems to take joy in watching others discover the sport. So, when the trend of all-in-one kits began to become a thing, Klein thought he would pull something together into a bundle and offer a discount.

If you’re thinking of getting into FPV, that’s very good news for you.

$319 CAD? That’s about $1.74 US. (KIDDING – the Rotorgeeks bundles start at $237 US)


One of the downsides of some of the kits out there is the goggles. I happen to have a larger-than-usual head, and so the goggles that shipped with the BetaFPV kit just weren’t on for me. I also couldn’t fit my glasses inside of them. So between the glasses and my massive forehead, they just weren’t a go (though the little radio and brushless drone are great!).

David wanted to put some thought into what might make for a great package that won’t break the bank. And, realizing there are different levels of “beginner,” he pulled together multiple kits – including some that utilize that BetaFPV radio. Let’s look at one of the Rotorgeeks bundles.

One of many kits

This is just one of many kits Rotorgeeks has on offer. We’ve selected it because it’s the least expensive and because there’s a great package deal on it. Here’s what’s in it:

A great starter kit for $237, down from retail of $265 US

David’s take

Here’s what the description reads of the above package on the Rotorgeeks site:

This kit has been put together as a complete package with the new pilot in mind. It is a truly complete ready-to-fly kit with a USB charger and 4 batteries for the Mobula6. Rather than assembling a bunch of parts that will be tossed aside as you progress in FPV, we chose components that will stay with you and not just be “that thing I bought to get started but now I need something else”. The Mobula6 comes with 4x GNB 1S 300HV batteries.

And the components?

Again, I’ll let Rotorgeeks do the talking:

Radio – The i6S is a great entry-level radio with a slick form factor and the convenience of touchscreen configuration.  It mates well with an increasing number of bind-and-fly machines and control boards with built-in Flysky compatible receivers.  We have purchased several radios in the search for a lower-cost alternative to FrSKY and this was the clear winner.  It has great features and a very nice feel in the hands.  It also comes with a FlySKY iA6B receiver with IBUS output.
Goggles – The Fat Shark Recon V3 are a compact box goggle with great image quality, 40 channel receiver, DVR, built-in battery and are a step above the typical toy goggles at this price point.
GNB Upgrade version – includes 4pcs of GNB 1S 300mAh — a significant upgrade from the lower quality HappyModel brand batteries normally included

Options, options, options…

If you’d like more power and have more cash, Rotorgeeks is offering a number of kits — including this all-in-one, featuring a BetaFPV HX 115 (a rocket I purchased from Rotorgeeks). This package is $303.70 US:

See that BetaFPV toothpick drone? That thing is a super tiny rocket. I know from experience…

Here’s the thing

David Klein is the most knowledgeable person I know when it comes to the FPV world. He’s a builder, a designer, a pilot – and a good guy looking out for your best interests. We’re writing this up solely because we think it’s a good package and because we trust the Rotorgeeks reputation.

If you’re looking for more options, the prices and power go up from here. You can find the package we just suggested right here. You can find the extended range of packages here. And if you’d just like to browse, check out the Rotorgeeks home page here.


We do not have an affiliate relationship with Rotorgeeks — which means we don’t earn anything if you happen to purchase from that store. We simply think these are good packages and wanted to let you know.