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Mini 2 Fly More package priced at $599 US

Well, the cat is apparently out of the bag. And that cat – the Mini 2 Fly More package – appears to be priced at $599. We saw this price elsewhere, but with a new website posting this today we’re confident in saying that appears to be the retail price.

It’s always a guessing game when new products are released. Manufacturers like to hold their cards close to their chest until it’s officially the release date. Of course, there are other moving parts in these equations. Retailers receive stock in advance, as well as specifications and images they can use to prepare their websites and internal pricing systems. So it’s not a surprise, as we get closer to the release date of November 4 at 8:00 PM EST, that the retail price is starting to emerge.

Want some proof? We’ve got it.

Fly More

With DJI, the Fly More packages are always popular. They include extra batteries, propellers, and other goodies – such as a shoulder bag. And one US-based third-party retailer wasted no time in posting product images, along with the price.

First, here’s the packaging:

DJI Mini 2 Fly More
There it is: The Mini 2 Fly More combo

Based on the box, you get the Mini 2, controller, two extra batteries plus combo charger, plus six spare propellors. And the price?

Mini 2 Price
The Fly More Combo retail price

And when can you get it?

Well, that particular website is allowing “Pre-orders” – which DJI might not be too happy about. But it appears they’ll respect the release date. Their site says products purchased will be shipped November 5.

Buy now, ship later… :/

Want to buy it now?

Well, we can’t help you out there yet. But the moment the DJI Mini is released, check back to our site for direct links to purchase. We always appreciate it when loyal readers use our affiliate links, which is one of the key ways we keep this site bringing you the most current drone news we can.

Why no flight videos?

You may have noticed that while there’s no shortage of unboxing videos – or of people repacking the unboxing videos done by others – there are no videos of the drone in flight yet.

You might well ask: Why is that?

In a word, the answer is software. The current version of DJI Fly does not recognize the Mini 2. So even though some people have the drone sitting in their home…they’re not in a position to fly it. DJI will presumably release an updated version of FLY November 4 at 8:00 PM EST.

We’re ready.