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DJI to launch Mini 2 drone November 5 in Beijing

A new DJI teaser launched on Chinese social media indicates that a new product launch is coming in a couple of days. We’re going out on a logical limb and saying this will be the Mini 2 launch. Why? Read on.

It’s been pretty clear over the past couple of weeks that DJI is getting ready to launch the new Mini 2. This is the successor to the amazingly popular Mavic Mini, the 249-gram wonder that allowed a lot of people to start experiencing the thrill of drone flight without having to register the product or undergo any certification process. Over the past couple of weeks, the evidence has mounted that the Mini 2 would be released soon. The clues? Best Buy was openly displaying the product at some locations, and even sold it to Our Beatific World, who created an unboxing video on YouTube. There was even some confirmation it would be early November from a DJI employee during an online support chat with a customer.

And now, we have the clearest indication yet.


WeChat is one of the biggest social media platforms inside China – and a tool used by many, especially Chinese, outside of China. On Monday morning, DJI posted the following on WeChat:

DJI’s new promotion

DJI, you tease!

Of course, DJI is at it again with its famous promotions. These always hint at what the product might be, leaving us guessing. So here, we see three people carrying what appears to be a large paper airplane. What might we infer from the fact it’s a paper airplane? Well…it’s light. And the DJI Mini will also be light, and probably precisely 249 grams. “Don’t Panic” means, well, don’t panic – and we have no idea what that means with respect to a Mini 2.

But these Chinese characters above them intrigue us. A quick visit to Google Translate and we had “Take off again!” – which makes sense. The “again” would make sense if it was a new generation of a product, and we’re sticking with that.

The English version

At roughly the same time as that WeChat post happened, DJI did the same thing for the English-speaking world. Here’s that version:

DJI Mini 2
“Make Your Moments Fly” (with a Mini 2)

Timing is everything

DJI product launches have traditionally been skewed more toward a North American time zone. But we saw with the launch of the new Ronin gimbals that the launch time was moved to favor Beijing’s time. Why? Well, we asked. And it turns out that because China has a pretty good handle on COVID-19 that it’s easier to safely hold gatherings than here in North America. As a result, the event is timed for 9:00 AM Beijing time, November 5.

Wednesday night

Because Beijing is generally about 12 hours ahead of the Eastern Time in North America, and factoring in the Daylight Savings Time shift on the weekend, it looks like all this will go down about 8 PM Wednesday night, New York time.

We’ll be watching, and give you all the details!