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Parrot to work with FoxFury to equip ANAFI drones with lights

French drone maker Parrot has announced its latest partnership with FoxFury to equip its ANAFI line of drones with lights for nighttime missions. The strategic partnership allows up to three D10 lights to be equipped to the drone.

As drones become more popular in the commercial and public safety space, there’s a great need for them to be able to fly in all conditions, night and day. For drones to safely fly at night, they must be equipped with lights so other aircraft can see them.

Jerome Bouvard, director of strategic partnerships, said:

The power of our ecosystem relies on both state-of-the-art software and deep hardware integration. The compatibility of FoxFury solutions with ANAFI’s range will make of our drones the most efficient and customizable tools for all professionals.

FoxFury’s lighting system allows Parrot’s ANAFI USA and ANAFI Thermal drones to meet these safety requirements and adds value to the drones as well. The lights can also be used to light up dark areas, and the IR LEDs allow the ANAFI Thermal to get a brighter image during night operations.

Chris Roberts, VP & chief sales and marketing officer at Parrot, said:

Based on our vast reach into professional verticals in recent years and listening to real users’ feedbacks from all around the world, we recognize the important and urgent need for more tailored solutions for professionals. These latest integrations of key complementary hardware are another milestone for Parrot as the company further extends the professional usability of its drones.

All the lighting systems on offer put out 200 lumens and allow the light to be used as a strobe or the standard beam. The light has a 40-minute battery life when using the standard beam and 80 minutes when using the strobe mode.

The lights start at $199.999 and range up to $229.99 depending on if you are wanting standard white LEDs or need the IR LEDs for the thermal operations. You can pre-order them right now via the FoxFury website.

Mario Cugini, CEO of FoxFury Lighting Solutions, said:

With more industries using drones, we saw an opportunity with Parrot to provide a one-of-a-kind option for professionals looking to brighten their surroundings. Our new lights on an ANAFI drone will provide a unique and crucial resource for professionals like first responders in high-risk environments.

Photo: Parrot



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