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DroneSec, DroneALERT to provide threat intelligence reporting

DroneSec has partnered with DroneALERT to provide customers with advanced threat intelligence reporting and case management tools. The partnership will allow for more accurate reports on malicious drones with the hope to reduce restrictions on drone innovation and adoption.

The partnership will see DroneALERT’s real-time community reporting and case management platform integrated with the Notify Threat Intelligence Platform from DroneSec.

DroneSec is a cyber-UAV security and threat intelligence company based out of Melbourne, Australia, with a focus on  drone, counter-drone, and UTM system security.

DroneALERT is a global drone reporting system that allows anyone to report drones being used in no-fly zones or any other dangerous ways. The company works locally out of Europe and Australia with officials to access data on illegal or suspicious drone flights.

Mike Monnik, chief technology officer, DroneSec said:

Many of our customers use the DroneSec Notify platform to stay aware of the threats around them or cross-reference the data with their counter-drone products. Now, our clients will be able to log their own reports to a framework that can work hand-in-hand with ours, offering a variety of insights and opportunities we did not have previously. DroneALERT has the industry’s most well-known first-responder reporting tool, it follows INTERPOL guidelines and gives us the near real-time reports we need to match with other indicators.

The DroneSec platform allows users to track and monitor drone incidents, threat actors, and trends around and shares the data with ports, prison, law enforcement, and counter-drone companies. With a large database of past drone incidents, customers can compare and calibrate their systems to match real-world threats and methods.

Brooke Tapsall, chief executive officer of DroneALERT, followed up with:

During a drone incident, being able to collect and integrate local and global intelligence into one consolidated report, sent in near real-time to clients, is a powerful tool for authorities and first responders involved in or investigating drone incursions. Partnering with DroneSec enriches both Notify and DroneALERT platforms by increasing the global intelligence knowledge exchange, thus improving incident reporting capabilities. Each system brings to the table a valuable and complementary element benefiting our end users, the public, and the drone industry.

Photo: DroneSec



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