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Transport Canada accepts Quantix Mapper VTOL safety assurance declaration

Transport Canada has accepted the documentation surrounding the Quantix Mapper Vertical Take-off and Landing aircraft (VTOL). That means the aircraft can be used for Advanced Operations in Canada — which means using the drone in advanced airspace, flying it with less than 30 meters horizontal separation from bystanders, or flying over people.

The world of drones is filled with acronyms. In Canada, they’re not even called drones. Instead, these machines are referred to as RPAS: Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems. And like everywhere else, there are very clear rules in Canada governing their use. One of the things that is regulated is which drones can be flown for Advanced Operations. These operations carry more risk than Basic Operations, because they include one or more of the following factors: Flying in controlled airspace, flying <30 meters horizontally from people, or flying over people. Some circumstances, such as flying over people, requires additional permissions and mitigation strategies. But before you even get to any of that, you have to be flying a drone that Transport Canada has accepted for Advanced Operations.

And that, really, is what today’s news is about.


The Quantix Mapper is a tail-sitter that takes off like a quadcopter before transitioning to fixed-wing horizontal flight. The lift and efficiency of those wings extend the working range of this RPAS. It can fly up to 400 acres in a single flight. And now, with Transport Canada accepting the safety assurance declaration, it can be flown in Advanced Operations in Controlled Airspace.

We are excited about the Quantix Mapper being accepted for advanced flight operations within Canada. This safety assurance approval expands the operational effectiveness of the Quantix, making it a more viable solution for more users.

Cory Baker, Draganfly’s production manager
The Quantix Mapper


Draganfly is the exclusive distributor of the Quantix Mapper RPAS. The vehicle now becomes the fifth drone in Draganfly’s fleet that Transport Canada has added to its list of RPAS permitted to carry out Advanced Operations in Controlled Airspace.

The development comes as Draganfly expands availability of the Quantix Mapper through its international dealer networks and also through direct-to-consumer channels.


Though the news release does not mention it, the Quantix Mapper is manufactured by Aerovironment. The California-based company is known for its tactical drones and smaller missile systems.

Whether they are warfighters searching for an enemy, border patrol agents searching for people in need of assistance, or telecom providers linking millions to the digital economy, our customers choose AeroVironment because our systems generate actionable intelligence reliably, creating a path to goals that would otherwise be unattainable.

The Quantix Mapper is one of two commercial products listed on the Aerovironment website.