ASTM Intl, Droneresponders to standardize public safety UAS training

It’s just been announced that two organizations are joining forces to create a standardized drone training program. A news release says ASTM International and Droneresponders will work together on what’s being called a Strategic Training Initiative, or STI.

At the moment, there are no international standards for training people for the use of Unmanned Aerial Systems in the public safety sector. That means a First Responder who did her training with the Los Angeles Police Department might have a different drone skillset from a firefighter in New York City. There have been recommendations on international standards, such as these from the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). But so far, no comprehensive training program has been developed and implemented on a global basis. That’s the concept here.

In a news release, ASTM International and Droneresponders jointly announced the new initiative. The release states “The new Public Safety UAS Standardized Training Initiative (STI) will be based on ASTM International standard F3379-20, Standard Guide for Training for Public Safety Remote Pilot of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Endorsement and administered exclusively by DRONERESPONDERS for the public safety sector.”

Evaluation and certification

The strategic training initiative will offer to evaluate training programs already in place. Programs that meet or exceed the standards laid out by the STI will receive a certificate. That certificate, along with a “digital emblem,” will indicate they’ve been approved as a “Public Safety UAS (STI) Approved Training Provider.”

The goal for the Public Safety UAS Standardized Training Initiative is to create a safer, more efficient operating environment for all stakeholders in the Whole Community. We are thrilled to partner with AIRT-DRONERESPONDERS as the industry leader in supporting Drones For Good and Public Safety UAS operations.

Brian Meincke, VP Global Business Devt and Innovation Strategy, ASTM Intl.

Working together

The release says Droneresponders has already researched and validated the need for standardized training. In addition, ASTM International has already collaborated with others to come up with a uniform set of standards for UAS training in the First Responder/Public Safety sectors. Now, the two plan on working together.

We could not ask for a better partner than ASTM International in launching this training initiative. The Public Safety UAS Standardized Training Initiative will serve as the catalyst toward creating a standardized training environment for all types and sizes of public safety agencies.

Charles Werner (Fire Chief ret.), Director of DRONERESPONDERS
An intro to Droneresponders

Droneresponders is part of AIRT – the Airborne International Response Team. The Miami-based NGO has a global network of volunteers it’s capable of dispatching following a natural disaster or other catastrophic event that would benefit from UAS data collection and analysis. Here’s an intro to its work:

AIRT: Airborne International Response Team

ASTM International, meanwhile, also has a video out explaining what it does:

ASTM International

Worth watching

We’ll keep an eye out as this initiative progresses – and keep you up to date.