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Former FAA head joins D-Fend Solutions’ advisory board

Former FAA head Michael Huerta has joined the advisory board of counter-drone company D-Fend Solutions to help rapidly grow the company. Huerta will bring his expertise in airspace management and airport safety to the counter-drone company.

Huerta will push the company forward and allow it to grow in the ever-expanding counter-drone market by advancing its technology for airports, critical infrastructure, prisons, sporting grounds, active fires, and other sensitive locations around the United States.

D-Fend Solutions’ counter-drone tech is capable of locating and tracking drones, alerting users, fending off rogue drones, and even forcing drones to land by taking control of them. The system can also extract key data from drones to identify them and hopefully find the people flying them.

Zohar Halachmi, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of D-Fend Solutions said:

“We are thrilled to have one of the most prominent people in aviation join our team at D-Fend. Michael’s years of airspace safety experience are an incredible strategic asset for our fast-growing counter-drone business and enable us to enhance our offerings, intensify our focus and align our efforts on emerging airport, port, and overall airspace safety needs. This appointment will help accelerate our rapid North American growth, building on our success in federal security agencies and our expansion in global aviation safety.”

Before Huerta joined D-Fend Solution, he was the Administrator of the FAA from December 2011 to January 2018, where he oversaw the day-to-day operations of the administration while managing a budget of $16 billion and over 47,000 employees. Huerta is currently on the board of Delta Air Lines, along with his new position on the D-Fend Solutions board.

Michael Huerta followed with:

“I’m thrilled to join the D-Fend Solutions team and collaborate on solutions for more safe and secure air space. Security agencies are recognizing the need for new solutions for sensitive environments without the drawbacks of conventional jamming and kinetic technologies. D-Fend is an early leader and pioneer in counter-drone systems with its one of a kind RF cyber takeover, control, and safe landing technology, which will become increasingly important to deliver control, safety, and continuity to airports worldwide as drones proliferate,.”

Photo: D-Fend Solutions



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