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Autel partners with FoxFury to bring lighting to the Evo 2

Autel Robotics has partnered again with lighting company FoxFury to create a lighting system designed for the Autel Evo 2 line of drones. The new lighting solution allows for creative photos and videos to be produced, and more importantly, can light up crime scenes.

Autel originally partnered with FoxFury to produce a lighting solution for the original Evo drone and were so happy with the product that they have chosen to work with them again.

The Autel Evo 2 will be capable of carrying multiple D3060 or D10 lighting systems, depending on the use case. The D3060 is a 360 degree light that can be used at 30- and 60-degrees to provide lighting in all directions. The light uses a USB-C connector to charge its LiPo battery, which can last up to 3 hours and can reach a maximum brightness of 200 lumens. The D10 light doesn’t seem to be live just yet.

Gary DeLuca, CEO of Autel Robotics said:

“FoxFury is an industry leader in unmanned and emergency scene lighting. FoxFury filled our need for lighting systems on the original EVO product and did an outstanding job in designing a seven hard-point mounting system for the EVO II™ aircraft. The seven hard points allow for mounting forthcoming authorized products on the EVO II™ platform.”

As it seems like a majority of drone manufacturers are living off the hype of having “Made in USA” drones these days, FoxFury has also decided to hop on-board sharing its lights are also made stateside.

Maria Cugini of FoxFury followed with:

“We are pleased that Autel Robotics requested our Made in USA D3060 lights for their lighting needs, and it’s a strong addition to their Made in USA EVO II™ Dual offering. With bi-directional lighting, the D3060 is an ideal lighting tool for indoor and outdoor flight in either day or night environments. FoxFury Lighting is proud to offer Made in USA  content based lighting products to Autel Robotic’s customers.”

Below is a quick video of the lighting system on the original Autel Evo drone.

Photo: FoxFury



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