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DroneDJ’s ‘The Buzz’ Podcast: Tom Comet of Drone Boy

Hey! Welcome to the launch of our new DroneDJ podcast.

It’s called The Buzz, which is a nod to the sound our machines make. But beyond that, we’ll be discussing topics and issues that are raising a “buzz” in the industry.

Whether it’s the latest trends in Cine Whoop drones, the best cameras for onboard capture and recording, or controversies like Remote ID or “Made in the USA” drones, we’ll take the time to dive deep on The Buzz.

On this inaugural episode, we speak with Tom Comet of Drone Boy. Tom was an early adopter in the drone cinematography world and has built his company into a North American leader when it comes to stellar drone work. Check out their demo reel:

Those boys can fly…

Scott Simmie caught up with Tom and covered everything from the latest trends in flying high-end cameras on FPV rigs to how to become a better aerial cinematographer.

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Tom Comet in conversation with DroneDJ’s Scott Simmie