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Dendra raises $10 million for global ecosystem restoration

Environmental company Dendra Systems has announced it has raised $10 million to rehabilitate and restore biodiverse ecosystems in Australia and other countries using drone technology.

Dendra Systems was able to secure the $10 million in Series A funding thanks to the following investors: At One Ventures, Airbus Ventures, Future Positive Capital, Lowercarbon Capital, Lionheart Ventures, SYSTEMIQ, VentureSouq.

The company uses AI, drone technology, and deep ecological expertise to restore land and ecosystems for some of the largest companies in the world. Dendra works with BHP, Glencore, Rio Tinto, and Yancoal, to name a few.

Dendra provides companies with an end-to-end solution for giving back to the earth. A client comes to Dendra asking to restore the environment it damaged while working, and Dendra then takes care of everything from figuring out what to plant, where to plan, and how much to plant.

To do this efficiently and safely, Dendra uses drone technology to map out the land. AI then takes over, using data to figure out the best plants to use. Once done, another drone is sent up, this time to deploy seeds of the land at a rate of 120 seeds per minute or about 150 times faster than traditional methods. Dendra is also using the data it collects to predict where future rehabilitation planting will be required.

‍Kelly Wanser, executive director of SilverLining and board director of Dendra said:

With Dendra’s combination of observations, analytics, and automation, for the first time, companies can have a comprehensive insight into the health of the land they manage and create and execute detailed, reportable plans for repairing environmental damage. At a time when companies are committing to sustainability more than ever, Dendra helps counter the effects of climate change, improve biodiversity, and capture CO2 in a cost-effective, actionable new way, providing the scale and effectiveness required to restore our ecosystems not in generations to come, but within our own lifetimes.

‍Thomas d’Halluin, managing partner at Airbus Ventures said:

At Airbus Ventures, we’re always looking to invest in new, forward-looking Teams and Technologies that advance the planetary systems defining Z-Space: discovering coherence in the mix of all the interconnected, multi-dimensional elements from the ground to deep space — and helping amplify that coherence toward building a more sustainable future for all of us.

‍Alexandre Terrien, general partner at Future Positive Capital, finished with:

We invested in Dendra because of its unique combination of advanced technologies and deep ecological expertise, which is required to restore our complex natural ecosystems. Dendra’s focus on building healthy ecosystems by emphasizing biodiversity stands out in the market and gives the company an edge as restoration efforts become increasingly essential to human, planetary, and economic survival.

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