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Aerodyne Group expands, partners with two Kazakh drone companies

Malaysia-headquartered Aerodyne Group, which calls itself “the world’s fastest-growing drone-based solutions company,” is living up to its name. As part of its global expansion, it has announced a partnership with two established drone companies in Kazakhstan. The new joint venture is called Aerodyne Caspian.

The Aerodyne name has been popping up often in the world of drone news lately. Aerodyne Group has been expanding what it calls its “drone tech, data tech, and digital transformation solutions.” It has now partnered up with two Kazakh-registered drone and logistic companies: AT&T LLP and A Service Group LLP. The result of this equity joint venture agreement is the new Aerodyne Caspian, LLP. An Aerodyne Group news release says the new venture will “combine smart drone technologies and powerful AI-based data analytics to provide an end-to-end cloud-based asset management solution, “vertikaliti,” to businesses across industries, including energy, utilities, renewables, oil and gas, solar, and infrastructure.”

Global push

The language may be a bit dry, but it means offering an end-to-end solution for clients in Kazakhstan. That means supplying the drones, operators, mission planning and execution, data capture, and analysis. It also means using Aerodyne Group’s software platform, in conjunction with cloud-based data crunching and storage. Basically, everything that you can do with drones and data from a single service provider.

We are delighted to offer our strong support to Aerodyne Caspian with an aim to disrupt and uplift the Kazakh drone market. Aerodyne’s solutions are already delivering significant performance improvement and cost optimization in 35 countries across the world, and now we are excited to provide additional value to forward-looking enterprises across Central Asia.

Kamarul A Muhamed, Aerodyne Group founder and group CEO
Aerodyne graphic describing benefits

The managing director of Aerodyne Caspian is Andy Walters. He’s worked in the region since 1988.

As the leading provider of premium, turnkey aerial inspection solutions across the world, Aerodyne Group’s solution stack will add tremendous value to AerodyneCaspian. We are poised to become the market leader right from the start.

Andy Walters, managing director, Aerodyne Caspian

Growing fast

Aerodyne Group is one of the world’s largest integrated drone service and data crunching providers. The firm’s employees have surveyed over 100,000 kilometers of power infrastructure across 35 countries. In 2019, Aerodyne Group was ranked as one of the world’s top 10 drone service providers by Drone Industry Insights.

A look at Aerodyne’s growing global footprint

Aerodyne Group employees some 400 UAS professionals. It calls itself “a pioneer in the use of artificial intelligence as an enabling technology for large-scale data operations, analytics, and process optimization.”

Based on the map above, it seems likely to be coming soon to a country near you (if it’s not already there).