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Citadel Defense awarded $12.2m DoD anti-drone contract

Citadel Defense has just been awarded a $12.2 million Department of Defense contract to autonomously defeat retail and homemade drones. The anti-drone tech will be put to use on the battlefield and around the United States.

The Titan system was chosen as it addresses one of the major challenges currently faced in the anti-drone world, the mobility of drones. Citadel’s system can be stationary or mobile along with being mounted to vehicles or troops. This way a dynamic force field can essentially be set up around a base, troops, or convoy.

Earlier in the year, the Defense Department revealed they chose to use the Titan system after 14-months of deployments and government evolutions.

Citadel Defense has also shared that it has ramped up production of its counter-drone Titan system to keep up with increased demand. All the orders are expected to be delivered before December of this year.

Matthew England, VP of Citadel Defense said:

“Deployed warfighters designed the system. Weighing 20 pounds and capable of autonomous operation, Titan has been detecting, identifying and defeating adversarial drones in extremely isolated
fixed locations, complex urban environments, mobile missions on-the-move, and dismounted
operations where man-portability is a premium.”

Christopher Williams, CEO of Citadel Defense followed with:

“Applying lessons learned from other asymmetric threats, like counter-IED, Citadel approached the UAS
problem differently from the beginning. Titan was purpose-built for speed, responsiveness, and
adaptability to address C-sUAS operational needs – offering a low-cost and operator-efficient support
model that matches the always-evolving threat.”

Citadel Defense

Citadel Defense is a counter-drone company that builds technology for the military, domestic security, and commercial applications. The company’s technology is used by the U.S. Special Forces, Army, Navy, Air Force, Department of Homeland Security, Border Patrol, and Coast Guard.

Citadel Defense uses its technology to protect soldiers on the ground with its ultra-portable Titan units. It is also used to defend US Navy fleets, the border force, critical infrastructure, ports and harbors, high-value assets, VIP events, and airports from drone incursions.

Photo: Citadel Defense



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