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Aerodyne, Ecopulse to bring AI drone inspections to Mexico

Aerodyne Measure has announced a partnership with Mexico’s renewable energy provider, Ecopulse to provide AI-backed aerial inspections. Aerodyne Measure will work to provide aerial inspections of Ecopulse’s energy assets throughout Mexico.

The new partnership will use Aerodyne’s cloud-based management asset solution, vertikaliti which combines smart drones and powerful data analytics to provide customers with a fool-proof solution for monitoring and managing energy assets.

The introduction of the drone technology will allow Ecopulse to better maintain its vast energy asset network and allow inspections to be done at a much faster rate. The inspections will also allow the company to find and detect faults in the network much faster than before, proving customers with as little downtime as possible.

Gerardo Ferraez, CEO, Ecopulse said:

“This alliance with Aerodyne Measure is a perfect fit for us since we are committed to delivering the best energy solutions to our clients. Our warranty covers everything from technical assistance and maintenance reminders to timely inspections and systematic monitoring of asset health. Aerodyne Measure’s AI platform vertikaliti checks all the boxes and will allow us to offer significant performance improvement and cost-savings to our clients.”

Harjeet Johal, CEO, Aerodyne Measure followed with:

“Our partnership with Ecopulse comes at a time when the entire world has woken up to the realities of climate change. Widescale adoption of renewable energy is the only way forward. We are proud to support Ecopulse in its mission to foster the adoption of reliable clean energy solutions through leading-edge drone and data technology.”

Check out these drones being used for aerial inspections:

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Photo: Aerodyne Group



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