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New Tello Talent possibly spotted with cool new feature

The recently leaked Ryze Tello Talent has appeared to make its way into a Chinese magazine featuring a red paint job and LED light panel. Let’s take a look and see why we think this is a new Tello drone from Ryze and not the Tello Iron Man edition.

Earlier in the week, we came across an update for the Tello iOS app with the first big change being added support for a new unknown Tello Talent drone. Straight away we went searching to find more information but couldn’t find mention of the drone anywhere but a few forums.

1. Adds support for the new Tello Talent aircraft.

Why we think it’s the Tello Talent

Firstly, looking at the drone we can see an 8×8 LED panel mounted to the top via what looks to be a black connector. This alone is something we haven’t seen previously as the current Tello models do not allow for extra accessories to be attached to the top of the drone and the LED light panel cannot be bought right now.

Let’s take a look at the paint job. The drone in the picture looks to be the Iron Man edition with a light attached above at first glance but when comparing it more closely, we can see it’s not the same. The Iron Man edition Tello has gold accents all over it that you are not able to see on the drone in the picture on the right even though we are seeing it from a different angle.

Translating the specs

From the translation, we can tell that the drone is running open source hardware and software with the light being included in that. The drone and LED light can be controlled by Arduino, Python, and Scratch coding languages. The magazine also states that it allows students and teachers to control multiple drones at once creating a show with the LED lights.

The new drone looks to be using 5.8 GHz instead of the 2.4 GHz in the previous Tello drones and features what looks to be the same range finder, barometer, front LED, and vision system. The camera could have received an update, but we are unsure.

The board we see the LED light plugged into looks to be made up of a 2×7 pin connector that supports SPI, UART, and GPIO with the ability to pump out 5V and 3.3V to the attached accessory. The magazine also lets us know the WiFi transmission has been improved by more than two times and means 16 people can be flying at the same time, compared to 8 previously. The stability of multi-drone flights has also been improved from 16 to 36.

Why the change?

It looks like Ryze is pushing to improve on its original Tello drone with the introduction of an open source and fully programmable drone plus expansion port. The inclusion of the new port means an unlimited amount of accessories can be produced to work with the drone just like DJI’s RoboMaster series.

Photo: OsitaLV



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