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UPDATED: Insane new Red Bull x DJI motocross FPV/OSMO video

Wow. Just wait until you see this. This Red Bull x DJI production is one of the slickest, smoothest motocross videos we’ve ever seen. And guess what? This entire video is one single, amazing drone shot done with an unnamed FPV drone…

We got an email that this video was being released. The note came from Maria Jung, a product manager with DJI North America.

“Wanted to let you know that DJI today released an exciting collaborative film with Red Bull Media House,” reads her note. “Captured in a sinuous single five-minute take by world-renowned drone pilot Johnny ‘FPV’ Schaer, ‘One Shot’ features the world’s leading freestyle motocross athlete, Tyler Bereman.”

There was a link to the video, as well as a longer news release about the production.

Red Bull Osmo Video

The news release says the film “highlights the capabilities of DJI’s stabilized camera and digital transmission systems.” More specifically, it uses the DJI Osmo Action camera and the pretty stellar DJI FPV system (both of which are high on my “want” list).

Nobody rides like Tyler Bereman, and ‘One Shot’ highlights the skill and beauty of one of his most inspired runs. There’s nobody better than Johnny Schaer to move fluidly between a tight focus on Tyler’s moves and the sweeping paths he carves through the earth and sky. ‘One Shot’ is a dance between two professionals at the top of their respective fields, and DJI technology made it possible.”

Stu Cram, DJI Marketing Manager

Johnny Schaer used the Osmo Action stabilized camera mounted on a racing drone. Schaer flew the drone monitoring the flight with the ​DJI Digital First Person Viewing (FPV) HD Transmission System​. Bereman is riding his KTM 450 SX-F on a ranch property in East County San Diego. The pair practiced for a day, before pulling off this amazing video. It took them just four takes to nail it.

The video

This is unreal. Such great riding, flying and shooting. (Nice camera, DJI!)

Bereman has won eight X Games medals since 2017, including a gold medal in Moto X Best Whip last summer in Minneapolis. Schaer is also a pro. You can find him on Instagram under the handle @Johnny_FPV.

As for the gear? The Osmo Action camera has an advanced electronic image stabilization that turns shaky videos into smooth footage. It shoots great quality at 4k with 60 frames per second. The DJI Digital FPV Transmission system is rapidly becoming the go-to system for FPV pilots. The ultra-low latency and crystal clear imagery are pretty spectacular. Several friends own this system, and I’ve used it. It really is something.

Red Bull DJI video


When we saw this, we wonder if it might have been filmed with the possible DJI FPV system. We’ve seen hints and a heavily pixelated image that indicates an FPV model could be on the way. What’s more, we indicated in our First Look at that photo it looked like an Osmo Action camera could well be mounted.

We of course asked DJI for info but all they’d relay is that the OSMO Action was “mounted on a racing drone” Hmmmm.


Well, it was a nice mini-fantasy while it lasted. But no, this production was not also intended to promote any potential new DJI FPV drone. As you can see in the “behind the scenes” version, Johnny ‘FPV’ Schaer is flying the DJI Osmo camera on a high-performance FPV racing drone. It’s most definitely not a DJI product:

And this…shows how they did it…

Amazing skills – both behind the KTM motocross bike, and behind the FPV goggles.