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Local Connecticut business training unemployed pilots to fly drones

A local business in Hartford, Connecticut is training pilots unemployed by COVID-19 to fly drones to bring in a new income source and possible future career. The new ‘Flight to the Future’ program was founded by Aquiline Drones.

The students of the program founded by Aquiline Drones founder and CEO Barry Alexander will have access to a cloud-based drone services market to anyone older than 18 who are looking for a new career path. The students will also be able to get drones in a similar way you are able to catch a ride with an Uber.

Taking part in the program will set you back less than $1,000 and is going to launch sometime next month using an online curriculum to teach various ideas to build a business within the drone industry.

The program has become a thing due to the large amount pilots that have gone jobless due to the coronavirus pandemic along with more expecting to be laid off in the near future. To put it in perspective major airlines hired 4,977 pilots in 2019 with only 1,955 being hired in 2020 so far.

The program has two options: one for pilots which costs $799 and one for non-pilots that will set you back $999 and averages around six weeks to complete. The non-pilot program will obviously cost more as more training and certifications are required in comparison to pilots who already have an extensive amount of training from flying manned aircraft.

Ann Ryan has been working in aviation for 20 years and was recently made jobless by the COVID pandemic. She shared that she will be taking the course as it’s still flying even though it’s not a manned plane.

If you are interested in a career in drones, pilots and non-pilots can sign up for the program via this link. You can learn more about the program via the video below.

Photo: Kassi Jackson



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