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Parrot and Dronisos join forces to explore drone automation

Over the years, Parrot and Dronisos have worked on various projects together, and today they announced they will be exploring drone automation with Parrot’s ANAFI drone platform. The two have previously created record-breaking light shows and drone dances.

The announcement focuses on Parrot’s ANAFI drones, including the newly released ANAFI USA. The focus is on flight automation, suggesting parrot drones will soon feature a higher level of automation for uses in agriculture and surveying, and on the battlefield in the case of the ANAFI USA.

Dronisos is known for its drone swarms that use sophisticated technology combined with artistic expression to provide audiences with the unique experience of dancing drones and light shows. The company’s drones have flown for Peugeot, FIFA, and Oreo, to name a few.

Jean-Dominique Lauwereins, CTO and cofounder of Dronisos, said:

Parrot is a dream partner to help us bring to life spectacular displays of imagination through both their technology and appreciation for artistry. Now, Parrot’s ANAFI drone platform has both inspired and equipped our team to push the boundaries and take our drone swarm capabilities to new heights and new industries. In particular, the small size of the ANAFI prevents any physical harm, and the highly secure connection ensures the safety and integrity of autonomous flights from potential hackers.

In the past, Parrot and Dronisos worked together to bring the dancing drone show during CES 2016 in its booth. This new way of controlling multiple drones showed the world a new level of automation and fine control over many drones at once. You can watch that here.

Jerome Bouvard, director of strategic partnerships at Parrot, said:

Dronisos has broken barriers and world records with their vision and engineering and our drone technology. We see the ways in which our professional and enterprise customers are using our drones and believe that through this next phase of our partnership, we can showcase what else can be achieved to solve new challenges for inspections, surveying and mapping, security, and defense industries.

Below is a video of the two companies working together to send up 200 Parrot Bebop 2 drones into the night sky equipped with LED bulbs to create a drone light show during the coronavirus pandemic.

Photo: Parrot



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