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New DJI video shows global employees working from home

As the planet continues to negotiate the COVID-19 obstacle course, DJI has released a video of employees that shines a light on how some of them have coped. It’s a fun little romp into living rooms around the globe and helps put a personal face on a giant corporation. Seriously, it’s worth watching.

Since COVID-19 first emerged in the human population in China, it’s not surprising that DJI was hit hard. It has its headquarters and production facilities in Shenzhen, which also went through a lengthy lockdown period. During that time, people were largely confined to their apartments or condos, ordering food using apps and having it delivered by motorcycle courier.

But this video is about more than just China. Employees from around the globe, including DJI’s Adam Lisberg (New York), had cameos in this production. Collectively, it provides us with a glimpse of lives that, well, are not too dissimilar to our own.

That’s one cool Dad…

We noticed the post first on LinkedIn, where DJI’s Monica Suk revealed not only the video – but that she will be leaving the company.

“My last (video) project as a member of the DJI family finally went live,” she wrote. “We all started 2020 with so much excitement, hope and new plans, not knowing what was waiting for us.”

This pandemic has been difficult for everyone. But through all of this, it was really heartening to see how my colleagues were there for each other and making the best of a difficult situation. 

Monica Suk, Corporate Communications Lead, DJI

(Btw, don’t read anything into Monica’s departure. She tells DroneDJ she’d been thinking about her next career move for about a year, and an offer came in from a company in Hong Kong where she saw a good fit.)

The view from above. We’re betting this is Shenzhen.

Be creative

DJI posted the video on its main blog, along with this explainer:

When COVID-19 turned our world turned upside down, DJI’s global team found new ways to stay active and innovative – even while locked down at home. Although our team members are spread across several continents, we looked for ways to best adapt to the uncertainties and challenges of spending so much time inside, away from each other.

On with the show…

And so, without further adieu, we present the video of DJI’s people working – and playing – from home. If you’re not doing much with your time, there might be some inspiration here:


In closing, DJI offers a few parting tips that we felt you might enjoy:

For more ideas and inspiration, please take a look at more of our Stay Home, Stay Creative stories. We have colleagues who immersed themselves in FPV flight, shared fun at-home moviemaking tips, and more. Whether you’re still living and working from home, or slowly making it back to your office, we hope you stay safe and continue to tap into your creativity.

Stay safe

These are difficult times. Even if we have become more or less used to the new abnormal, it’s still a pretty strange existence at the moment. DJI suggests we make the most of it, which is simple but solid advice:

We are calling on the global community to stay home and stay creative with DJI. While we are facing a difficult time, we can turn it into an opportunity. Do something. Learn a new skill. Overcome a challenge.

Remember: Practice social distancing, wash those hands – and do something creative, fun, or productive with your time.