Gorgeous Thailand drone video highlights original Mavic Pro

It’s happening, right this second. Someone, somewhere, is uploading another drone video onto YouTube. Some will be good, a few will be great – and the vast majority are likely to be, you know, run-of-the-mill. Well here’s one where the shooting and editing clearly put it into the “great” territory. Fasten your seatbelts and prepare to be transported to Thailand.

It’s great the way the internet works – in particular, online surfing. In this case, I was having a quick spin through the latest Reddit threads related to drones. While there, I came across a video of Thailand that had been posted just a few hours earlier. click. A few seconds in, I knew it would be worth watching. I also knew, before I even clicked on the pilot’s name, that he would be someone with visual expertise – and perhaps even a professional. I was right.

The name of the person who made and posted the video is Max Harach. He’s from Australia. Soon I was on the Facebook page for Max Harach Videography. It was then clear he was a pro, further confirmed by a look at his Instagram page. This guy’s really good with visuals (and I say that as someone who has worked professionally in network television news and, later, in multimedia). Check these out:

Instagram imagery

Max is pretty active on Instagram. And, with chops like these, who wouldn’t want to show off?

From Max Harach’s Instagram page


Max’s YouTube channel hints that this Australian loves to travel. Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Cambodia. His work often incorporates Time-Lapse sequences and uses super-effective editing. Here’s a look at his video from Angkor Wat.

Gorgeous shooting here…

The Thailand vid

Turns out, Max recently spent a month in Thailand – and it’s clear he didn’t waste it. This is really a beautiful film, incorporating many stellar shots captured with the original Mavic Pro. (I’m a proud owner of the Mavic Pro, and actually had the privilege of seeing a pre-production model!)

It’s a reminder that even though DJI is always pushing the envelope with putting more features and better optics into newer machines like the Mavic 2 Pro or even the less expensive Mavic Air 2, we should not discount the capabilities of drones that are even four years old. Imaging quality had already reached a pretty advanced state when the Mavic Pro was released in October of 2016, and this video proves it:

Max Harach knows what he’s doing…

Tips from Max…

We swapped notes with Max just as Australia was going to sleep. We’ve asked him for a few tips on shooting and editing. When he gets back to us, we’ll either update this piece of writing or provide something fresh!