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Big news for NYC Drone Film Festival and AirVuz

Due to all that has happened in 2020, the Film Festival will no longer be held in person at NYC this weekend. Instead, NYCDFF and AirVuz decided to push back the date and host the event online!

This year would be the sixth annual Drone Film Festival in New York City. Only 2020 was supposed to be bigger than ever before with AirVuz joining forces with NYCDFF. This year, organizers were expecting even more people and hype. However, with the recent impact of Covid-19 and many rules in place on travel, gatherings, and so on, the decision was made to get online.

Good News!

Submissions have been extended to August 8. If you have not yet submitted, it is as simple as making an account on AirVuz and uploading your video.

Though we can’t gather in person, this can be looked at as a “Droning Super Bowl.” We may not have seats to sit in the stadium, but we can still tune in from home. With so many things going online lately, I think this has to be one of the most exciting if you are a drone pilot. I personally have a feeling that AirVuz and NYCDFF combined will pull in a bigger audience online than they would in person. This will only help their exposure and build more of an audience for next year.

If you like drones, come check it out on October 24. Treat it like a Superbowl party by inviting some friends or family who support your drone journey. If you’d like to learn more about drones or how they are being used in the industry, tune in on October 25 for presentations from a variety of experts in the field.