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Can’t wait to start on an in-depth review of the DJI Mavic Air 2

So, something arrived in a box yesterday. It came from DroneDJ headquarters (Thanks, Seth!), and it contained a Mavic Air 2. This drone, as you likely know, is pretty widely admired for its price point, feature set, and size. You might even call it the Goldilocks of drones — because something about it feels “just right.” At least that’s the hype. Now, I look forward to finding out myself over time with an in-depth review of the Mavic Air 2.

Opening that box allowed me to lay my hands on a Mavic Air 2. I’ve been watching this thing closely ever since it was released on April 27. And I kept hoping that I’d get a chance to test one out. Not a fast blast and quick impressions but an opportunity to really get to *know* this drone — including its strengths and areas for improvement. A long-term, in-depth exploration review of the Mavic Air 2.

I can’t wait to connect. (And yes, that’s an old iPhone 6s Plus. At least the drone is current…)

First impressions…

I’ll keep this short. I’d already ogled a ton of pix, so I knew roughly what to expect. (I was *not*, however, expecting to find the joysticks tucked away in that little hiding spot. Thank goodness for even short instruction manuals!)

The build quality, as usual with DJI, is really top-notch. The ergonomic feel — even the texture of the plastic surface — is pleasing to the touch.

It’s raining today, so likely only some indoor flying in Tripod mode. If looks could kill, I’d be injured right now:

Gorgeous…even upside-down
Yes, that’s a light!
Yup, it’s a Mavic
The 48 MP camera awaits…
In case you ever need to replace the props…here’s your number!

So stay tuned…

The planned in-depth review of the Mavic Air 2 will take some time. If I come across features that blow me away, I might drop a little blurb at the time — since I won’t fit everything in a single piece. I’ll also be exploring the DJI Fly app at length. I’m new to it, as well as this drone.

And now?

Well, it’s time to put away the macro lens and charge up that battery for some indoor flying later today. I simply cannot wait to put my hands on these:

WooHoo – Can’t wait!

Thus ends this story. And thus begins…a different kind of fun.

Do you own a DJI Mavic Air 2? What do you like best about it? Would you recommend others buy it? Let us know in the comments!