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A pricey micro-SD reader…

A little post on Reddit gave us a good chuckle. We figure it might do the same for you, as well.

It started — as many great posts do — with a photo and some words.

This was the photo:

We guarantee you won’t forget this Reddit post!

Nothing too special, right? Looks like a Mavic Pro, Alpine Edition, sitting on top of someone’s PC with one side open. It’s posted in the sub-Reddit r/pcmasterrace. *yawwwwwwn*

Read the words…

And the caption that went with this photo? Well, that’s what makes it special. Reddit user Yooserneam posted that image with the following words:

Couldn’t find a big enough flash drive so I’m installing windows from my drone.

Yooserneam (Reddit)

Okay. So that’s getting amusing. Seems Yooserneam needed to put his Mavic Pro to work in order to load up Windows.

May the comments begin…

And of course, because it’s Reddit, people had some thoughts on this. Entertaining thoughts.

“This is the weirdest flex I’ve ever seen” said aghjdhxjdj, in posting the top comment as of publication time.

Apparently aghjdhxjdj never saw Canadian composer David Foster during a COVID-19 fundraiser back in April.

“Hey – look at my Grammy Awards. Every. Single. One.”

But we digress. Because it wasn’t long before someone pointed out that this was, in fact, a pricey drone. “The drone cost $1,000,” wrote Some_Crazy_Gaming. And then?

“Yeah well right now it’s an sd card reader that costs $1,000.”

thefirstmimzy, Reddit

Followed by…

“A flying SD card reader.”

willtron3000 Reddit

Which led to…

“The product no one knew they needed.”


Then, Reddit threads do what Reddit threads do: They keep on going, in highly unpredictable directions. Someone quickly noted that the idea of a flying sd card reader reminded them of, oh, that person who had suspended their entire PC system from their ceiling.

Yes, you read that right. Here’s proof:

Remember this person’s PC? Reddit does.

Maybe they wanted to save money on a desk and PC enclosure. But if you think hanging your PC from a ceiling isn’t a great idea…you’re right.

What goes up insecurely…must come down

That ended the story of the flying PC.

And this ends the story of the $1000 micro-SD reader. Hope you enjoyed it.