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Drones deliver facemasks to Mexican hospitals

Sincronia Logistica has said it has been using drones to deliver facemasks to Mexican hospitals to remove the risk of human-to-human transmission of COVID-19. The drones have been delivering the medical safety equipment to hospitals in the central state of Queretaro.

The Mexico City-based pharmaceutical and logistics company, Sincronia Logistica has turned to drone technology to deliver antibacterial gel, facemasks, gloves, 3D-printed face shields, and other supplies to healthcare workers on the frontline.

Mexico has had a shortage of safety equipment for frontline workers with protests being held across the country demanding better working conditions. The majority of what the drones are delivering has been donated to Sincronia Logistica to deliver to the healthcare workers.

Diego Garcia, director of business excellence at Sincronia Logistica has shared that the drones have been able to reduce the transport time as well as significantly minimize human contact.

Juana Angelica Garcia, director of the El Marques public hospital in the city of Queretaro, had the following to share on the use of drones:

“In a situation where you need medical materials supplied fast without risking the health of the people involved, drone delivery has become a comprehensive and sure-fire option.”

At the time of writing, Mexico has just surpassed 30,000 COVID-19 deaths, making it the fifth-highest coronavirus death toll overtaking France with just over 29,000. Mexico has had over 150,000 recoveries with 250,000 confirmed cases since the start of the pandemic.

Drones and COVID-19

Drones have been present throughout the global pandemic, with some saying this demonstrates how truly useful drones are. Recently, the University of California San Diego (UCSD) developed a disinfecting drone with UV-C lights. Many countries are using drones to disinfect public areas, along with monitoring busy areas to ensure people are following social distancing rules.

Photo: Reuters



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