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A quick fix for ruined drone shots from Andrew Murphy

We’ve all tried to get that perfect drone shot to only get back to the computer to edit it and find ourselves having accidentally ruined the shot due to sudden movement on the stick. Andrew Murphy has shared a quick tip to fix this and save those drone shots you once thought were ruined forever.

Andrew Murphy posted a new video to his YouTube channel sharing a tip he learned over the years from filming both with drones and cameras.

The tip

The Warp Stabilizer tool is at the center of Andrew’s video and allows anyone to apply the affect to any shot within in Premiere Pro, give it time to analyze, and most of the time smooth footage comes out the other end. Some tinkering is required for the desired look, but the footage ends up coming out much smoother than it was before.

Andrew states in the video that his solution works for a majority of shots, but he also says you should still try and get the shot in camera for the best results. Andrew has also managed to use Warp Stabilizer on shots for a number of his clients.

Be sure to watch the video below and check out some of his other great content on his YouTube channel including some great tutorials, reviews, and more tips to take your photos and videos to the next level.

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Have any tips you use for your drone photos and videos? Be sure to share them with us in the comments below.

Photo: Andrew Murphy



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