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The FPV starter kit – A beginner friendly drone

FPV drones seem to move and fly in very different ways than DJI drones, making them different tools for drone applications. The FPV starter kit is a guide to help you get started with FPV drones before investing hundreds or thousands of dollars in them.

I realized I wanted to learn how to fly FPV drones after about three years flying DJI. For some reason, I really thought FPV was silly and if anything, quite easy compared to how I was flying to achieve the photo/video I was creating. However, that wasn’t the case at all. My first flight was nothing but a crash into the ground on a 5″ quad because I thought I knew how to fly (based on my DJI expertise). Turns out an FPV drone requires quite a bit of skill and knowledge, especially if you want to make it fun.

So my journey began… Two years later I feel like I have figured out one of the simplest ways to learn about FPV drones. Even with three years of DJI flight under my belt, I still found it challenging to understand the flips, rolls, and extra bit of agility, let alone all the “building” that comes along with FPV. I wasn’t willing to spend a bunch of money to buy the best drone and fly it if I was probably going to crash and break it. On top of that, I’d have to learn how to fix it which would require knowledge on parts and electronics. I just didn’t feel ready to fully commit.

The Solution

Just like anything in life, it is best to start slow and ease into things. Let’s start with this scenario; you go to the gardening store and buy a seed for a tomato plant you want to grow. When you get home, you plant the seed, water it and even make sure it is in a place where it can get some sun. You go to bed that night feeling confident that you took care of that plant as needed.

When you wake up the next day, would you plan to pick a tomato off the plant and have it for lunch?

This is the same exciting encounter most people have when they come across FPV drones. You may go online and order everything you think you need. A few days later, everything arrives and you’re filled with joy, but because you’re so overwhelmed by the newness of it all, you don’t know how to deal with everything you just got involved with. When the technical issues stack up it can be harder to focus on what you came to do in the first place. Fly!

FPV looks fun but it takes a bit of time and patience to actually understand. So here is the best way to start.

New to Drones

If you are new to drones in general, it may be best to start out with something that isn’t too complicated. Lucky for you, technology has advanced plenty for some of these drone companies to provide awesome all in one solutions. This means you will get the goggles, controller, and drone together without having to do much but follow a few simple instructions.

Most of the drones I link in this article are fine to fly inside, even around pets and children :) They are small enough to hover in almost any room and aren’t too noisy or dangerous.

In fact, I started off with a little 65mm quad myself with a one-cell battery that I could charge with a USB. This was easy enough for me to get some experience so I could see if I wanted to get any deeper into the hobby.

Filmed on Blade Inductrix

I started off flying this drone line of site to see how it reacted to the controls. Eventually, I got to the point where I could fly using a screen like my DJI drone, only I was starting to have some real fun with this. When I was comfortable enough to take a lap in the house, I started wearing the FPV goggles and learned how to fly the drone with those. After a few months, I was able to up my skills quite a bit while seeing that I had indeed built up my interest in FPV drones.

What to Start With

There are a few options that can help you get started, I will break these up into three simple options for you to pick between.

Beginner Pilot

You have never flown but really want to give this a shot and see what it’s about. You also aren’t looking to spend a crazy amount of money but want something you can take out here and there to practice. This drone comes bundled with all you need to start and it is made easy to set up and fly for $120.

Emax EZ Pilot 

Intermediate Pilot

The intermediate pilot may have some experience with drones or even just have a bit more interest than the typical person. Maybe this type of pilot wants to do more flying and really get into the hobby. They want a drone that won’t scare them away but rather provide them with a fun flight experience with the potential to upgrade down the road. This drone is also set up and ready to fly for $180.

Emax Tiny Hawk Kit

Advanced Pilot

The advanced pilot may already have some experience in the FPV realm. They have tried a buddies drone or maybe even the simulators but they would rather have more than just a starter kit. This type of pilot is looking to learn as they dive into this new hobby and may want gear that is more tailored towards them. The following items vary in cost but provide alternate options for gear upgrades down the road.


Tiny Hawk

Tiny Hawk S

Tiny Hawk II

Tiny Hawk II Race


Taranis QX7

Taranis QX7S


Fatshark Attitude V5

HDO Dominator OLED

DJI Racing Edition Goggles (Amazon / DJI)

Filmed on Emax Tiny Hawk


If you want to have fun flying, you shouldn’t have to go through a hard time doing it. Emax has made it easy enough to get out there and have some fun with FPV and the best part about their drones is that all the batteries are the same for the smaller models.

You can get a smooth flight battery which is great if you are just practicing around the house or you can get a faster flight battery which will give you some extra power for speed, agility, and racing. The batteries may only last 3-5 minutes each, however, it’s a blast to fly!

I focused a lot on the Emax brand here because I have been flying them for over a year with very little trouble. Their drones are reliable, fun and almost impossible to break. If you are still looking for alternate solutions for drones, feel free to check out Beta FPV, GetFPV, Race Day Quads, or Banggood and you can browse for yourself.

With hundreds of options, I wanted to simplify it here for anyone looking to get started. If you have any questions, feel free to drop them in the comments below!