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New dual vision camera for Matrice 300 shown in patent

DJI has had a busy week with the next generation RoboMaster EP and the DJI Mavic drone being leaked, and we aren’t done yet! Today we managed to get our hands on the patent information for what looks to be a new dual vision camera, likely coming out with the DJI Matrice 300 series this year.

New dual vision camera for Matrice 200/300 shown in patent

The unreleased camera was published on the Chinese Patent Office and is likely to be the Zensume XT3, which would possibly launch with the rumored DJI Matrice 300 series. The camera takes on a similar design to the Zenmuse XT2 with a few key differences.

The major difference is the extra object, which could be related to the thermal imaging or a different type of sensor to improve its usefulness. The design is also a little different, the main lens on the new camera looks larger than the XT2’s along with a rounder more polished design from the more rugged design of the XT2. It looks like the gimbal will be attached via two points on either side of the camera module, with a majority of the back of the camera covered, in what looks to be a heatsink.

We imagine the image quality and size will be improved with the new release, along with addressing some of the downfalls customers had of the Zenmuse XT2. For now, we don’t know any of the specs of the camera.

Something interesting to note, the applicant listed on the patent is “Shenzhen Daji Innovation Technology Co., Ltd.,” which differs from the usual “SZ DJI TECHNOLOGY CO. LTD.”

Here is the description of the patent:

The utility model provides an imaging device and a drone, including visible light imaging unit, infrared imaging unit, infrared imaging unit lens, and visible light imaging unit lens in the same direction, infrared imaging unit includes: infrared detector, insulation component, insulation component located on the side of the infrared detector, The insulation component is used to isolate the transfer of heat from the imaging device to the infrared detector. The imaging device provided by the utility model integrates the infrared imaging unit with the visible light imaging unit into the imaging device, and the infrared imaging unit in the imaging device includes the infrared detector and the insulation module, which is located on the side of the infrared detector. The insulation components can block the thermal transmission and thermal radiation from the thermal components in the imaging device to the infrared detector, thereby reducing the effect of heat generated in the imaging device on the accuracy of the measured temperature of the infrared detector.

What do you get from this patent? What product do you think it is? Let us know in the comments below.

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