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Drones deliveries are coming to Dublin in the near future

Manna drone delivery has partnered with Just Eat food delivery platform to bring drone deliveries to the people of Dublin. Manna’s delivery drones will first be delivering ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s and premium Thai food from Camile Thai.

Drones to deliver ice cream and Thai food to the suburbs of Dublin

On February 26, Manna announced that it has partnered with Just Eat to deliver ice cream and Thai food by drone. The company will be using its logistics platform “in-a-box” in a pilot program with the University College of Dublin and promises deliveries within three minutes.

Manna’s custom-developed drone MNA-1090 can deliver from restaurants to homes at an altitude of 80 meters and a flight speed of over 80 kph. The drones can deliver food within a 2-km radius in under three minutes. Similar to the drone delivering supplies to Marines, the MNA-1090 also has a quadcopter-like configuration with two motors on each arm. It also has a rear opening door positing above the propellers to allow for easy handling of deliveries. The drone is also equipped with a backup battery system and two parachutes in case something doesn’t go according to plan.

Manna CEO and founder Bobby Healy had the following to say on drone deliveries and the work put in over the last few years.

I am extremely proud of the team and what we have built. It is a pleasure to work with such high-caliber partners on our project next month in Dublin — our commercial pilot in University College Dublin. It’s clear that drone delivery provides a faster, cleaner, safer, cheaper, and higher-quality alternative to road-based delivery. We are excited about how that will improve the world. This technology will transform online food marketplaces, restaurants, dark kitchens, and communities globally. The Irish Aviation Authority have been a tremendous help and guide over the past three years, working together we have ensured that our drones are extremely safe in all operating conditions. We look forward to working with regulators around the world as we bring this innovative technology to customers across the globe.

Just Eat managing director Amanda Roche-Kelly commented on the usefulness of working with Manna to improve deliveries.

Technology is at the core of everything we do at Just Eat, so we’re delighted to be involved in these pioneering trials with Manna, who have clearly built a ground-breaking drone delivery system. Transforming the business of food delivery as we know it, this coming together of two complementary services will greatly improve the delivery experience for our customers and further adds to the countless ways we connect people with food, everywhere. We are just so proud to be Ireland’s first online food ordering and delivery platform to provide a commercial drone delivery offering to our customers.

Drone deliveries are increasing in popularity, thanks to investments from companies such as Google and Amazon, along with the consumer’s willingness to test out a faster delivery method. Would you get your food delivered by a drone? Or are you sticking with a delivery driver? Let us know in the comments below.

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