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Unhappy with FAA’s NPRM for Remote ID? The Drone Advocacy Kit can help!

Are you, like so many, unhappy with the FAA’s NPRM for Remote ID for drones? Well, the Drone Advocacy Kit can help! The Drone U and FPV FC have worked together to create this comprehensive guide that explains what’s wrong (hint a lot!) with the FAA’s NPRM and more importantly what you can do to help protect our hobby and for many our work.

Unhappy with FAA’s NPRM for Remote ID? The Drone Advocacy Kit can help!

On the Drone Advocacy Kits’ website it says:

With the FAA’s proposed Remote ID rules, the clear lack of practical understanding of flight has finally reared its ugly head. The proposed Remote ID rules didn’t match the ARC recommendations given to the FAA from industry Advocates.

With the proposed Remote ID Rules; the drone industry, recreational pilots, FPV pilots and anyone who has ever wanted to take flight will be punished and severely limited in how they can fly.

In an effort to maintain our rights to fly Drone U has:

  • Created this Guide on How to Comment on the NPRM for Remote ID. You can download the guide below!
  • Organized a new association to educate the industry and maximize our efforts.
  • Actively organizing the industry to fight back against these industry killing proposed rules.


  • How to respond to the FAA and maximize your comment
  • Discusses the largest problems and potential solutions
  • Aggregates fighting for commercial pilot rights, hobby pilot rights and FPV Pilot Rights.

Click here for all the information and to download the kit.

DroneDJ’s take

DroneDJ is pro Remote ID for drones BUT not in the way it is currently proposed by the Department of Transportation and the FAA. The FAA’s NPRM for Remote ID for drones is overly restrictive, expensive, and invades the privacy of the drone pilot.

If you want to learn more about the FAA’s NPRM for Remote ID for drones be sure to read these articles here as well as this Drone Advocacy Kit that has been developed by the Drone U and FPV FC.

And lastly please be sure to submit your own original comments to the FAA on the Federal Register’s website. Explain to them how these new rules negatively impact your drone hobby and or drone business before or on March 2nd, 2020 at the latest!

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