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Your Skydio 2 is almost ready to ship! First batch is about to be delivered!

Your Skydio 2 is almost ready to ship! Ah… What a nice way to start the weekend! I (and many other lucky drone enthusiasts) just received an email from Skydio informing us that the first batch of Skydio 2 drones is being prepared to ship out. We’re super excited to get our hands on the second generation of fully autonomous flying drones from the American drone manufacturer. Here’s the email that Skydio just sent out.

Your Skydio 2 is almost ready to ship!

You’re getting this email because you’re about to be one of the first people in the world to get your hands on Skydio 2. This is an incredibly exciting time for us (and our calibration robot) and we hope you’re excited too!

Completing your purchase… Next week you’ll get an email from us stating that your Skydio 2 is ready, at which point you’ll have 10 days to follow the link and complete the order. You’ll have the option to add a variety of accessories to your order before checking out.

Shipping estimates… Drones are expected to ship within a week of completed purchase. Most accessories will ship with your Skydio 2, and those that don’t will have estimated ship dates shown in our online store which goes live next week. Delayed accessory shipments will go out in the order that they are purchased, so we recommend buying everything that you know you want as part of the order completion process.

Skydio 2 Accessories Overview

  • Beacon ($149) The best way to fly Skydio 2 while you’re on the move.
  • Controller ($149) 🎮 Precision Controls + Skydio Autonomy is an incredibly powerful formula for getting the toughest shots.
  • Blog Post: Beacon or Controller (or both)?
  • Dual Charger ($129) ⚡ Charge two batteries at once. Without this accessory, you can charge one battery at a time while it’s in Skydio 2.
  • Extra Battery ($99) 🔋 Can we interest you in 23 more minutes of flight time?
  • PolarPro Cinema Series ND Filters ($69.99) 🕶 Reduce the amount of light entering the lens for more creative control. Custom-made for Skydio 2 with a seamless magnetic connection.
  • Spare Propellers ($29) ❋ Keep your Skydio 2 flying high with a full set of spare propellers.
  • Extra Power Adapter ($29) 🔌 High-power USB-C wall plug and charging cable. Plays nice with Skydio 2 and Dual Charger for the times you need all of your batteries fully charged.
  • 128GB MicroSD Card ($39) 💾 A gentle reminder that Skydio 2 does not ship with a microSD card. This is a great high-speed option for recording and playing 4K footage.
  • Pro-Kit Upgrade ($1,500) 🧰 Rugged hard-shell case fully stocked with your favorite Skydio accessories. Blog Post: Introducing Skydio 2 Pro Kit.
  • Pro Case ($199) 🔒You can buy the same rugged, hard-shell case without the full accessory bundle.

What do you think about the new Skydio 2? Are you as excited as we are that the Skydio 2 is ready to ship? Let us know in the comments below. And, let us know what accessories for the Skydio 2 you are planning to get.

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