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DJI’s Mavic Mini drone will cost $399 and have a 4k camera

We recently caught wind of photos of a new DJI drone reported to come out soon. Today we learn of possible specs the DJI Mavic Mini will have, the features it won’t have, and the price we can expect to pay for it.

DJI’s Mavic Mini drone will cost $399 and have a 4k camera

The DJI Mavic Mini will reportedly weigh 350 grams and have a diagonal length of 270 millimeters, making it 100 grams over the FAA‘s 250-gram limit, which is really unfortunate. Staying below the 250 grams would have made this drone a lot more interesting for many people.

The Mavic Mini will also use DJI’s enhanced Wi-Fi technology, which can be found in the DJI Spark and the DJI Mavic Air.

The Mavic Mini is expected to have a launch price of $399, placing it right around Yuneec’s Mantis Q drone but with DJI features and great software. The DJI Mavic Mini will only have optical avoidance sensors on the front and bottom along with the main camera being a 12MP 4k 1/2.3 CMOS sensor mounted on a 3-axis gimbal that looks similar to the DJI Mavic Air‘s.

As we reported the other day the DJI Mavic Mini folds and follows the same design as its older siblings the DJI Mavic 2 Pro and DJI Mavic 2 Zoom. The new drone will also use a new battery that works similarly to the DJI Phantom 4 with an added battery door where the microSD card and USB connection can be found behind.

Something a little odd that can be seen in the images is the Micro USB found in the battery compartment. All of DJI‘s latest drones use USB C. The front legs that can be seen in the image are open, unlike the ones on the DJI Mavic 2. Both of these sightings suggest that the drone is an engineering sample given to the patent office.

This could mean that the images are a few months old and have just been released publicly. Suggesting the production version Mavic Mini will have closed in legs and a possibly a USB-C connection.

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