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DRL Racer4 Street: Own the same FPV race drone as the pros

If you have seen drone racing on tv it was likely the DRL. The Drone Racing League (DRL) is the premier racing league for FPV pilots and now they are looking to release the same drone that the pros fly to the public. The drone these professional pilots fly can hit 90 mph in a split second. This beast of a drone could be yours if the Kickstarter campaign they started is funded by October 5th.

The pros fly the DRL Racer4 and they will make modifications so that anyone can start flying the DRL Racer4 Street. However, from the looks of it, this will be very much the same as the professional version but with a few minor tweaks so you can connect it to your setup.

DRL Racer4 Street

The DRL Racer4 Street is a monster of a drone. It doesn’t just look mean, it is mean. This is not a drone for beginners. It also isn’t cheap at $599. You’ll want to make sure you are fairly confident in your FPV skills before you launch this quad. I think the DRL got it right when they describe the Racer4 Street:

“Somewhere between the batmobile and stealth jet fighter, the R4 canopy has been strengthened with more rigid polycarbonate and infused self tapping fasteners.”

The drive train the pros use will be the same one you get with the Racer4 Street. They use 2510 1250 KV motors, DShot 600 ESCs, an F4 flight controller, TBS VTX, and a Foxeer Predator camera. This is a big drone and it uses HQ 7″ props. The Racer4 gets its power from a 5S 2200 mah battery.

drl racer4

The Racer4 Street is a modular drone so it should be fairly easy to take apart, tinker or repair. All of the components will be tucked away under the low poly polycarbonate canopy. The canopy is covered in LEDs and they put on quite a light show. It should be a strong and durable frame but if you crash at 90 mph bad things are bound to happen.

DRL Simulator

racer4 street

Purchasing a Racer4 Street will also get you a complimentary subscription to the DRL simulator. It is an excellent simulator and a great way to practice your skills. There are even tracks that the pros fly that you can race.

The DRL 2019 season is getting underway

The DRL 2019 season starts August 11, at 2 pm EST. You can see the Racer4 in action. The question is will you be flying one in the near future? Click here to learn more about the DRL and the Racer4 Street.

The DRL Racer4 is an awesome quad but it isn’t for everyone. If you are looking for a more tame quad or something to start with we’d recommend taking a look at the Emax Tinyhawk. However, if you are a grizzled veteran of flying FPV and you want something that looks the part and can back it up with performance then you’ll want to pick up the Racer4 Street.

drl racer4 drone

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