Mobula 7 HD – Another fun Cinewhoop to get unique footage

The Mobula 7 HD ($157.99) is one of the more popular pint-sized drones in the fastly growing category of cinewhoops. A cinewhoop is a small drone that has an HD camera that will allow you to capture footage that would be impossible to get on a larger, traditional photography drone. This Mobula 7 HD weighs only 42 grams and will fit in the palm of your hand.

Mobula 7 HD

The Mobula 7 HD is built by Happymodel and their most popular drone is the 75 mm Mobula 7. This HD version is similar to the original but has larger motors and carries a Caddx Turtle V2 camera. Both of these additions make it heavier, which means it isn’t quite as maneuverable as the original Mobula 7. However, with the Caddx Turtle, it can capture 1080p HD footage at 60 fps. The video isn’t quite GoPro Hero quality but is leaps and bounds better than recording DVR footage from most traditional FPV cameras.

happymodel mobula 7 hd cinewhoop

The Caddx Turtle is a solid low cost and lightweight HD camera option. While it certainly has its flaws there isn’t a way to get better footage on a drone this size. The colors and picture are decent and comparable to low-cost action cameras. The FPV video feed isn’t as crisp as most FPV cameras, but sacrifices have to be made in order to record the HD footage. The video is stored onboard the drone via a micro SD card.

This is an image taken from the Mobula 7 HD

Mobula 7 vs Mobula 7 HD

The original Mobula 7 is a lot of fun to fly and is an excellent option for anyone looking to get into flying FPV. The Mobula 7 HD builds on that but allows for capturing solid HD footage. If you want a drone to learn how to fly acro then the original Mobula 7 is a better option. Actually, the best option is the Tinyhawk S. Both of these drones are smaller and lighter and their power to weight ratio allows them to be able to execute acro maneuvers a lot easier.

happymodel mobula 7 hd cinewhoop

The smaller, lighter Mobula 7 (left) is better for flying acro.

You can fly acro and do flips and rolls with the Mobula 7 HD, however, it is best for slower cruising and getting unique HD footage that can’t be done with a Tinyhawk or even a Mavic for that matter. Personally, I love flying the cinewhoop style drones. I can do some flips and rolls and the video footage looks a ton better.

happymodel mobula 7 hd cinewhoop


My all-time favorite cinewhoop is the URUAV UR85. In fact, it and the Mobula 7 share almost all the same components. Both use a Crazybee F4 flight controller, 1102 9,000 KV motors, 25-200 mW VTX, and the Caddx Turtle V2. Also both are capable of flying on either a 2S or a 3S battery. The difference is that the Mobula 7 HD is a 75 mm quad and the UR85 HD is a slightly larger 85 mm quad. The larger size and propellers of the URUAV U85 makes is a slightly better drone for executing acro maneuvers.

best cinewhoop

Cinewhoop drones aren’t for everyone. However, I do think they are a lot of fun to fly and if you like to watch flight footage and aren’t a fan of the poor DVR from your goggles then this might be a good option. I think cinewhoops are excellent drones and as the cameras continue to get better they will soon be a tool that professional photographers have in their toolbox. If you are interested I’d recommend checking out the UR85 or this Mobula 7 HD. You can save 12% on the Mobula 7 HD from Banggood through July with the code: BGMobula7HD.


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